FINAL DESTINATION 6: Horror Movie Sequel Moving Forward for HBO Max


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Final Destination 6 is Moving Ahead for HBO Max

The next installment of a wildly popular horror movie series, Final Destination 6, is proceeding in development as a project for HBO Max.

It may be 11 years since Final Destination 5 graced movie screens but now, there is an official Final Destination 6 in the works as a movie that will premiere on streamer HBO Max. This news only gets better as the treatment for the film has been written by none other than Jon Watts, the man behind the current box-office blockbuster, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Watts will also serve as a producer on the forthcoming film.



The Final Destination movies have always been interesting in how they portray their characters’ attempts to escape a pre-determined fate and avoid death at all costs. It seems that the sixth film in the franchise will be something of a sequel as opposed to a reboot despite the time that has passed since the last picture was released in theaters. Lori Evans Taylor and Gary Busick are writing the official script for the upcoming movie based on Watts’ treatment.

Somehow, Watts’ involvement in the project as well as his writing of the treatment has fans of both the horror film series and Spider-Man: No Way Home very excited about the sixth entry in the horror movie franchise. In 2019, an attempt to get a sixth film in the Final Destination series made was tried but the script never made it off the ground. This treatment written by Watts will focus on policemen, firemen and EMT workers trying to escape the wrath of death. This sounds like a terrific way to revive the franchise as such workers would be expected to confront similar scenarios to those found in the previous films in the horror series.

What’s most interesting about the Final Destination pictures is how they always keep audiences intrigued throughout as each character confronts a situation that could ultimately lead to a given character’s demise. Horror movie fans love this franchise for the originality put into the planning of the film’s death sequences. With Watts involved, it is likely that a whole new generation of fans will discover the fun of this series which began back in 2000.

In 2011, Final Destination 5 earned a respectable “B+” CinemaScore grade from polled audiences while also securing a decent $42 million at the domestic box-office. While no release date has been set for Final Destination 6, the movie is scheduled to premiere solely on HBO Max. Fans are greatly anticipating the return of the Grim Reaper fighting to secure his victims in this very enjoyable (thus far) horror series.

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