Flavor Over Fame: Why OMAGE California Artisanal Brandy is Making Headlines in a Market Cluttered with Celebrity Spirits

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In today’s saturated spirits market, celebrity-endorsed alcohol brands emerge regularly, each promising a groundbreaking new taste experience. Yet, while some genuinely introduce unique flavors, many ride the coattails of their celebrity’s fame, hoping to capture a fanbase more enamored by the star power on the label than the contents within the bottle.

Launched in late 2021, OMAGE, a groundbreaking cognac-inspired artisanal brandy crafted with California grapes, has been steadily building a strong following among discerning aficionados in major hubs like Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago, earning glowing reviews and rapidly expanding its retail footprint. Standing toe-to-toe with fine French cognacs, it’s captured the attention of premium bourbon, whiskey and scotch drinkers based solely on flavor and a unique position as an artisanal “California cognac,” earning it a celebrity status of its own design.

At the helm of this venture is a three-decades-long spirits industry trailblazer, Julious Grant, who previously held C-Suite roles and led major brand launches for notable giants like Beam Suntory, Bacardi, Moët Hennessy, Diageo, and Seagram. As the first of several noteworthy spirits launches from Grant’s new spirits company, Brand House Group, OMAGE created immediate interest among consumers, distributors and on-premise locations alike. 

“OMAGE pays homage to the rich history and artistry of cognac, while showcasing the potential of American grapes,” said Grant. “From the outset, my aim was to anchor the brand in quality and innovation, ensuring OMAGE’s excellence speaks for itself. While my long-standing industry relationships have opened doors for OMAGE, it’s undeniable that the brand’s craftsmanship and the exceptional flavor profiles of its three expressions have accelerated our growth beyond anticipation.”

Crafted in the traditional California style, OMAGE uses meticulously chosen grape varietals at their peak ripeness. The brandy undergoes an advanced distillation process, utilizing both pot and column stills, and ages gracefully in charred American bourbon and toasted French oak barrels, tailored to each style. Whether you’re sipping OMAGE VS, VSOP, or XO, the outcome is a sophisticated yet accessible super-premium brandy, perfect to savor neat, over ice, or as a contemporary spin in timeless cocktails.

OMAGE VS, matured for over two years, boasts rich apple notes leading into a nutty vanilla aftertaste. OMAGE VSOP, aged for more than four years, emanates vibrant aromas of citrus and stone fruits, underlined by a floral hint of vanilla oak. Meanwhile, OMAGE XO, with over six years of aging, offers a signature mature essence characterized by dried apricot scents with undertones of jasmine and honeysuckle, all harmonized by a subtle oak nuance and a caramel smoothness. OMAGE VS retails for $25.99, VSOP for $35.99 and XO for $89.99.

“Brandy’s inherent flexibility allows us to innovate within the cognac-making tradition,” added Grant. “We utilize a distinct mix of top-tier, varietal-specific grapes and diverse oak types to amplify the flavor, all while dialing back the typical sweetness often seen in mainstream brandies.” 

In a market saturated with celebrity-endorsed products, it’s refreshing to see a brand like OMAGE build its following through sheer quality, dedication and innovation. The trajectory of OMAGE’s growth, backed by Grant’s vision, promises an even brighter future for this artisanal brandy, making it a name to watch in the coming years.

“In our world, OMAGE is the celebrity,” said Grant. “It’s the quality and promise of the product that’s creating meaningful momentum among consumers, retailers and distributors. And we’re just getting started.” 

OMAGE can be found at Total Wine & Spirits as well as independent spirits outlets across major cities nationwide, such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Milwaukee, and more. Additionally, customers can order OMAGE online, with delivery available to regions where mail-order alcohol is legally permitted.

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