FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR: Bryce Dallas Howard hired to direct Female-led Reboot for Disney


Bryce Dallas Howard Flight Of The Navigator Movie Poster

Bryce Dallas Howard hired to direct Flight Of The Navigator Reboot

A female-lead Flight Of The Navigator reboot is the development at Disney with Bryce Dallas Howard set to direct the film. Dallas will be producing the film with John Swartz and Justin Springer.

There is no word yet on who that female lead will be but if the reboot veers toward the original film, the actress chosen will be in her early-to-mid teens.



The plot of the original film:

On the night of July 4, 1978, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 12-year-old David Freeman walks through the woods to pick up his 8-year-old younger brother, Jeff, from a friend’s house when he accidentally falls into a ravine and is knocked unconscious. When he comes to, he discovers that eight years have passed and it is now 1986. Police are shocked to see David fits exactly the same photo on a missing child poster, having not aged at all. David is reunited with his aged parents and the now 16-year-old Jeff.

Meanwhile, an alien spaceship crashes through power lines and is promptly captured by NASA. David is taken to the hospital for tests, where his brainwaves reveal images of the spaceship. Dr. Louis Faraday, who has been studying it since its arrival, persuades David to come to a NASA research facility for just 48 hours for extra tests, promising him that they can help him learn the truth about what happened to him. There, Dr. Faraday discovers that David’s mind is filled with alien technical manuals and star charts covering expanses of the galaxy far exceeding NASA’s research. It tells the scientists that he was taken to a planet called Phaelon, 560 light years away, in just over 2.2 hours. They realize that he has experienced severe time dilation as a result of having traveled faster than the speed of light, explaining why eight years have passed on Earth, but not for him.

The Flight of The Navigator reboot has no production start date yet. No theatrical release date has been announced for Flight of The Navigator.

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