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Being an inventor can seem like a lonely path. It is typically a solitary career path, at least in the beginning, and there is a lot of rejection and heartache that goes along with it. So the best we can do as budding inventors is to make sure we focus on using the resources out there to help us, as well as taking inspiration from many different sources. One of the biggest examples of this is George Foreman and his partnership with InventHelp. 

Now, in order to benefit from this, it is important to understand this partnership and working relationship, and the way it developed. A couple years back, InventHelp released a commercial involving some of its inventors, as well as company partner George Foreman. Inventors flew to California from all across the United States to take part, and to meet Foreman and find out his journey. Transitioning from boxing to inventing is no mean feat, and Foreman has managed to find success in both fields, making him a massive source of inspiration for the budding inventor. 

Every Inventor is Unique

One of the key things to note here, and one of the things that the Foreman advert showed us  is that all inventors are unique. In just the same way that the products they invent are unique, every inventor is their own person, and needs a different level of guidance in this market. Half a dozen acclaimed inventors showed up for the commercial, each of them entirely different individuals, and each of them with completely different products and ideas. And the great thing about this sector, and InventHelp is that the company is perfectly placed to suit all kinds of inventors, of all backgrounds. 

Why InventHelp is Integral

There are so many ways in which inventors need assistance getting their ideas off the ground and protecting their inventions. Many people who are just starting out in this sector are unsure of the best ways to begin and how they can go about taking things from initial concept to satisfied customers, and everything in between. And this is why InventHelp is so integral for assisting you with this, and giving you all the care, attention, and resources you need to make the most of this right now. As a budding inventor, you need to make sure you make use of these services, and do what you can to take your inventing journey to the next level right now.   

Foreman Partnership

The George Foreman partnership with InventHelp occurred back in 2014, and served to cement the credentials of both parties. After his retirement from boxing, Foreman achieved acclaim and success outside of the ring when he became the spokesperson and promoter for Salton, Inc. and their range of fat reducing grills. And so the George Foreman Grill was born, and has sold more than 100 million units worldwide. This has made Foreman a household name in the world of inventing, which made him the perfect choice for the face of InventHelp’s commercials, bringing presence, personality, and power to the company, and this is what has made InventHelp so popular with so many budding inventors.  

How to Get Your Invention off the Ground

Getting your invention off the ground as a new inventor can be one of the hardest parts of the process, and this is something that a lot of newbies struggle with. InventHelp has so many resources and support facilities that will help you to understand the best ways of going about doing this. For more, you can watch the commercial on YouTube featuring Foreman, as well as heading to the website to see what different benefits InventHelp can offer you moving forward. InventHelp has services and resources that can take you all the way from ideas through to the prototype and patent stage, and all the way to market release. If you need to know where to start, this is definitely the place that you should be looking to make the most of. 

Learn More About InventHelp

Head to the website and visit each section to find out more about the extensive ways in which InventHelp can assist you as an inventor. Additionally, the company has a blog on its site, where inventors can find out more, and take steps that are going to allow you to generate more success from this process. So, you also need to make sure you check out the different platforms where InventHelp has a presence, such as the company’s Instagram account and other social media profiles in order to find out more about them, and understand how they can go about helping you as much as possible. 

Protect Your IP

One of the primary concerns of being an inventor these days is theft of intellectual property. That is to say, people stealing your ideas, passing them off as their own, then fast tracking them to enjoy success that you should have enjoyed! This is one of the things that you need to focus on as much as possible, and this is why protecting intellectual property is something that matters so much. And the great thing is that InventHelp provides you with so many ideas and opportunities to be able to do this via their patent referral services. 

Put Yourself Out There 

It is really important that you put yourself out there as an inventor, and try to do as much as possible to achieve success. You need to be able to market and promote yourself and your inventions across numerous platforms, and there are a lot of things that you can do to achieve this. One of the best factors that plays a part in this is to use InventHelp and its resources to help you develop your own site, spruce up social media profiles, and attend business events where you can market yourself to potential customers.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas that play a role in helping you to achieve success as an inventor these days. These are some of the key ways in which InventHelp, and successful inventors like Foreman, can help you to excel and enjoy success as much as possible. 

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