Found: The Most Effective Supplements for Hair Growth, According to Rave Reviews


No two hair journeys are equal and therefore shouldn’t be treated with the same energy. Finding quick and easy solutions to our “problems” is also easy in theory but can be hard to pin down. I, like so many others, often feel hesitant when selecting a supplement to support my health. With so many products available claiming to address even the most niche of my concerns, the process can extend far beyond my limited medical expertise.

To better understand what I’m up against in the battle to maintain hair health, I reached out to New York–based board-certified dermatologists Marisa Garshick, MD, FAAD, and Jessie Cheung, MD, FAAD. First up: the question of which vitamins are the most effective to jump-starting hair growth. Ready to learn everything you need to know about hair supplements? Keep reading!

“It is known that a deficiency in certain vitamins such as iron, vitamin D, zinc, and B12 may contribute to hair loss in which case it can be important to supplement,” Garshick says. “There are other supplements available that use a combination of different ingredients which can be considered as well such as Nutrafol, Vivascal or Welbel.” While most supplements are considered safe to take, Garshick recommends speaking with your medical provider to determine what would serve you best.

Feeling like biotin is the best option? The popular vitamin, along with a number of other micronutrients found in the most effective supplements for hair growth. Biotin taken alone, however, has limited evidence. Both Garshick and Cheung cited a 2016 study released by the FDA warning that biotin may interfere with certain laboratory tests including thyroid and troponin levels. That being said, it’s always best to indicate all medications and supplements when visiting your doctor.

Cheung agrees with Garshick, recommending patients to request their labs be drawn before adding any supplement to your diet. Of all the vitamins heavily touted for supporting hair growth, bioton is by far the most recognizable. “Biotin, which is one of the B vitamins, helps with hair strength,” she begins. “The most effective micronutrients are iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin B, selenium, iodine, and antioxidant and adaptogen blends.” Higher quality supplements will be free of fillers, binders, and contain more bi-active and easier-absorbed formulations.

Below are the 10 best hair supplements based on dermatologist recommendations and thousands of glowing customer reviews to simplify your hunt for the most effective hair growth aid. Here’s to a new chapter in your hair journey (and a whole lot of money saved).

“Nutrafol is a supplement to help support hair growth as it contains the Synergen complex which includes a combination of anti-stress adaptogens, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and DHT blocking ingredients,” Dr. Garshick says. The end result? Studies show that 86% of women noticed improved hair growth, 84% noticed stronger thicker hair and 75% noticed reduced shedding after use. “I have taken this product for almost a year now and I cannot recommended it enough. Anyone that has experienced hair loss due to stress or COVID needs this supplement to give your body what it needs to support more hair growth!” — Sephora customer

Moon Juice’s SuperHair helps replenish deficiencies with a clinical strength multivitamin that combines adaptogens, botanicals, and nutrients for stronger, healthier hair from the inside out.  “This is not my first hair supplement but this might be my last! I am almost done with my first bottle and will likely purchase a second. I love the natural ingredients and it has eliminated my need to take multiple morning pills. Definitely looking forward to more hair growth in the future.” — Sephora customer

Created with over 60 years Trichological expertise, Philip Kingsley’s Tircho Complex Vitamin & Mineral Hair Supplement supports the hair growth cycle with daily use over 12 weeks. I love how it can also be used in combination with the rest of the brand’s effective Trichotherapy line. “I have been taking Tricho Complex for over three months now, and I can really tell the difference: less hair in the drain while washing and less fall out during brushing and through out the day. Great value for the price! Would def recommend as a daily support for those with weaker hair.” — Neiman Marcus customer

This carefully crafted, sugar-free supplement combines vegan omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acid complex, biotin, and essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy hair growth cycle. “I was looking for a product to help my shedding and these supplements really worked. I noticed less hair in the shower drain and on my brush. My hair is also softer and less brittle after a three month period, I will continue to use!” — Sephora customer

I’m talking major shine and body with this one. Hair La Vie’s nutrient dense supplement that promotes healthy hair with immune-supporting properties & nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Selenium, Iron, and Reishi Mushroom. “This product is amazing, my hair had suffered horribly from stress and over processing and had actually fallen out in clumps and would not grow back. These hair vitamins changed that, and my hair is once again long and thick. My nails and skin are also healthier, as an added bonus.” — Amazon customer

Clinically proven to increase hair growth and density in 12 weeks, The Nue Co. Growth Phase Hair Supplement combats breakage with a formula designed to support nutrition deficiencies, hormonal fluctuations and stress. It also delivers essential minerals, adaptogens, and vitamins.  “I started taking these supplements a couple weeks ago as I’ve recently experienced a-lot of hair shedding and wanted to prevent my hair from getting thinner and WOW—although I’ve only been taking these capsules for a couple of weeks my hair shedding has reduced and my hair health seems to be improving. Can’t wait to see the results in a couple months!” — Sephora Customer

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Growth Cycle Hair Supplement uses a plant-based, patented solution based on six years of scientific research and multiple clinical trials. Its key ingredient is Millacin, a stimulating keratinocyte and strengthening collagen extracted from Millet seeds. “I love the product, I expect, as with all the Dr. Barbara Sturm products, it will be exceptional! I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks and I have already noticed a difference.” — Dr. Barbara Sturm customer

Phyto Paris’ high-potency biotin supplement supports healthier-looking hair, stronger nails, and a glowing complexion using rich blend of biotin and essential B vitamins. If taken daily over the course of four months, you’ll notice a major difference. “This is a genuine review. Phyto is amazing! It is the real thing—myhair is growing back in places that I thought was destroyed at the root and would never regrow again. I am a supplement junkie and have tried many hair growth products. Nothing has worked except for Phtyo (and it it does not take long to work). I am thrilled and would highly recommend it to anyone.” — Amazon customer

“[Viviscal] is made up of their AminoMar marine complex in which clinical studies have shown a 75% reduction in hair loss,” Dr. Garshick explains. “They also offer shampoo and conditioners as part of their hair care system to help volumize and support the hair growth process.” “I bought this because I was having some hair loss and I wanted to strengthen my hair without chemicals, so I tried Viviscal supplements. I noticed less shedding around 3 months and my hair was stronger and longer in 6 months of continual use. The tablets are small so they are easy to.” — Walmart customer

Need a multivitamin that checks all of your boxes? Motiva’s Beauty Multivitamin improves hair volume, shine and growth while also promoting skin hydration and stronger nails using a formula with filled with biotin and choline made from a balanced selection of organic ingredients. “It’s definitely worth a try. No weird after taste and just the right amount I need in my supplements. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly. I plan on repurchasing again.” — Lovely Skin customer

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