Friends’ top 10 mind-boggling mistakes that you definitely missed


It’s the 25th anniversary of the beloved television sitcom Friends.

To celebrate, we’re giving you our top 10 mistakes from the beloved show.

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It’s The One With our Top 10 Friends mistakes

1. The One With The Vanishing Necklace

Rachel's necklace vanished

Rachel’s necklace vanished

In an episode from season two, Rachel found out that Ross and Julie were getting a cat.

At first when Rachel said “Together?” she was not wearing a necklace.

When the camera cut back to her saying “Both of you?” she was suddenly wearing a necklace.

2. The One With Monica’s Stand-in

Monica wasn't sat next to Phoebe

Monica wasn’t sat next to Phoebe

In an episode from season 8, Phoebe was talking to Monica.

The camera was on Phoebe, and on the right-hand side of the screen was a side view of Monica.

However, it wasn’t Courteney Cox in view, but an entirely different actor.

3. The One With Joey’s Quick Change

Joey's top changed

Joey’s top changed

In a scene from season five, Joey was knocking on a door wearing a dark purple buttoned shirt.

Ross answered the door and then Joey was suddenly wearing a black zip-up top.

4. The One With the Mystery Cans

More bottles appeared in Joey's hands

More bottles appeared in Joey’s hands

In a series 9 episode, Joey went to Monica and Chandler’s apartment to get something to drink.

When he closed the fridge he had two bottles in his left hand.

When the camera cut back to him later in the scene, he had two cans in his left hand and was holding them differently.

5. The One With The Self-wrapping Present

Monica's present was suddenly wrapped again

Monica’s present was suddenly wrapped again

In a blooper from season eight, Monica unwrapped a large wedding present to reveal a brown cardboard box.

The camera moved to Joey, and when it moved back to Monica, the parcel was wrapped up again.

6. The One With the Clones

The extras were in two places at once

The extras were in two places at once

In a mistake from season 10, Some extras could be seen behind Ross and Phoebe in JFK Airport.

When the camera cut to Rachel at Newark Airport at the same time, those same people were there too.

7. The One with the Magic Doodle

The doodle on the board changed

The doodle on the board changed

In a season four episode Ross came to Chandler and Joey’s apartment.

The Magna Doodle behind Ross at first said “poop”.

The camera cut to Joey checking his diary and back to Ross, where The Magna Doodle changed to ”get out”.

8. The One With the Wrong Arm

Joey switched hands

Joey switched hands

An episode from season five showed Joey telling Chandler about his identical hand twin.

When he saw Chandler’s reaction, Joey pointed accusingly at Chandler with his left arm.

In the next shot, he could be seen pointing with his right arm.

9. The One With the Foam Finger

Ross' foam finger vanished

Ross’ foam finger vanished

A clip from back in season one showed Ross wearing a foam finger at a hockey game, which later disappeared.

10. The One with the Rachel Stand-in

Rachel's stand-in could be seen

Rachel’s stand-in could be seen

In a scene from season 9, Rachel is telling Joey his agent called about a Broadway audition.

She was wearing a paisley top.

In the next shot Jennifer Aniston’s stand-in could be seen standing beside Joey wearing a different top.

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