Gavin and Stacey writers planned to expose infamous fishing trip – but cut scene


It’s been a decade since Gavin and Stacey wrapped, and many viewers were hoping the one-off Christmas special would uncover what exactly when on during the infamous fishing trip.

Uncle Bryn and nephew Jason brought up their fateful sea getaway in series one, but neither have shed any light on the incident, with both parties sworn to secrecy.

However, the show’s writers, James Corden and Ruth Jones, had initially planned to expose the incident, but decided against it, and scrapped the scene before season two aired.

Discussing the now-deleted scene, Lisa Edwards, who previously owned the house belonging to Bryn in the comedy, admitted the script for the episode was left at her home in Barry.

James Cordon and Ruth Jones initially penned a scene revealing what went on during the fishing trip – but decided to axe it

Lisa admitted the script planned on revealing what went on by showing it on VHS.

“We have a script for an episode which was never aired,” she told Wales Online.

“It was supposed to be Uncle Bryn and his nephew watching this VHS.

Uncle Bryn and nephew Jason started to tell the story, but got interrupted by Gavin and Stacey’s children

“They both watch it together to see what happened on the fishing trip. But they decided to not show the episode.”

During the festive episode, which aired on Christmas Day, viewers were left on the edge of their seats when, post-festive lunch, Bryn began to detail the fateful fishing trip.

However, just as Bryn and Jason were about to announce their escapades, Stacey and Gavin’s children burst into the house and ran into the living room.

Viewers fumed they ‘had been waiting a decade’ to find the truth behind the ill-fated incident

The decision to leave out the fishing trip did not sit well with fans.

Taking to social media shortly after the episode aired on BBC one, viewers fumed they were on “tenterhooks”.

One wrote: “Are you actually f***ing kidding I’ve been waiting ten years to find out what happened on that fishing trip.”

Another asked: “How am I supposed to get on with life never knowing what happened on the fishing trip? “

“The whole of the UK on tenterhooks for that fishing trip! Then hit us with the proposal,” a third vented.

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