Gemini Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF October 11 – 1 7, 2021

You love your freedom and ability to change your mind on a dime. It’s the birthright of every good Gemini. But ever since Mercury (your ruling planet) flipped into reverse in your playful fifth house on September 27, it may have felt like your wings have been clipped. This Friday, October 15, you could find a way to hack that retroshade and throw (a little) caution to the wind. As the Sun in outgoing Libra lights up your passionate fifth house AND air-kisses fellow “great benefic” Jupiter in Aquarius, you’ve got a one-day cosmic hall pass to do…whatever floats your love boat! This twice-yearly configuration encourages spontaneous action whose rudder is your heart. You can produce more interesting results if you toss the playbook and go “off-script.”

Boundless Jupiter blows the doors off the hinges of inhibition, but you still need to recognize when things may be veering TOO far off-course. You want to open up more possibilities, not get lost in the weeds (or the swamp!). And while a host of adventures have your name written all over on them, wait until Mercury and Jupiter end their retrogrades next Monday, October 18 to actually lunge into action. This is an ideal time to plan, dream and research everything from travel deals to singing lessons. Under this worldly influence, single Gems should give extra consideration to out-of-towners who pop up on your dating app feed. Couples can turn up the heat at base camp by making some romantic plans, or maybe a better idea is to be “experimental.” (Truth or Dare, anyone?)

But once Sunday dawns, be more circumspect with some of your initiatives! With the Sun in fellow air sign Libra and your hopeful fifth house, you might not see through people’s fake charm and sweet talk. And because el Sol is forming a piercing square with shady Pluto in your secretive eighth house, someone may not be playing with a full deck. Best approach? Give them the benefit of the doubt (until you have incontrovertible evidence of something nefarious) while also shielding your field. You get to decide how much trust to give, and under any challenging Pluto aspect, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This twice-a-year configuration can turn you into a psychic sponge or draw in people of questionable morals. You ARE judged by the company you keep, and you don’t want to be found guilty by association. As for your own pronouncements or social posts, dial it way back. If you’re not sure exactly what people stand for, avoid ANY public venting, even “off the record” with friends.

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