Get a booty like J-Lo and Shakira


I’m not sure if you saw the Super Bowl halftime show, but… 

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were on FIRE! 

Here’s a pic:

Here’s the crazy thing…

J-Lo (on the right) is 50 years old…

And Shakira (on the left) is 43 years old.

Now, you might think that they live in the gym or they’re doing hundreds of squats a day, however…

That’s completely not true!

I actually listened to an interview with her personal trainer and he said they only spend a couple minutes a day on “butt exercises”.

That’s because if you spend hours and hours a day on your booty, it’ll actually make it bigger and thicker.

Instead, they just did a handful of super-simple exercises consistently that work their buns from 3 different angles.

So what I did was find a handful of routines that are as close as possible to what J-Lo does on a daily basis.

And the best part is…

They only take 2-minutes a day 🙂

Here it is if you’re interested.

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