Halloween Kills Is Even More Intense Than The Original, Says Writer


The writer on Halloween Kills says that the sequel is going to be even more intense than its predecessor. John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece Halloween came out in 1979, which launched a franchise filled with lackluster sequels and remakes. The franchise started to get back on track in 2018 when David Gordon Greene took over by directing a sequel set 40 years after the original film.

While the Halloween franchise had been struggling to make money at the box office and do well with critics, 2018’s Halloween was able to do both. The film introduced new characters to the franchise but still brought back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, as well as Nick Castle as Michael Myers for select scenes. Universal even got Carpenter to join the project, who provided the score for the reboot. Halloween managed to pay homage to the original film while revamping the horror for modern audiences. Michael Myers no doubt shocked audiences in 2018, but it looks like he might scare them even more this year.

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When MovieWeb talked with Halloween Kills writer Scott Teems about his recently released film The Quarry, he gave an update on the Halloween sequel. Teems revealed he had seen a rough cut of Halloween Kills and that he thinks fans or the first film will like the second. Teems further explained, “It’s like the first one on steroids, I guess. It really is the bigger, badder, meaner version of the first one.”

Halloween Kills is no doubt one of the most-anticipated films of the year for horror buffs, but fans still don’t know a lot about the movie. The plot of the film is being kept under wraps, but there have been several casting announcements. Halloween Kills continues the tradition of bringing back characters from the original Halloween, with the film bringing back the characters Lindsey Wallace, Tommy Doyle, Sheriff Leigh Brackett. Lindsey Wallace and Sheriff Brackett will be played by the original actors Kyle Richards and Charles Cypher, but Tommy has been recast with Anthony Michael Hall taking on the role.

Teems seems to be confident in Halloween Kills, and his words ring true to what other people close to the film have also stated. Hall considers Halloween Kills the most intense entry to the franchise, while Michael Myers actor James Jude Courtney said the film was like the 2018 Halloween on speed. Fans will get to make an opinion for themselves when the first trailer for Halloween Kills is released, but for now, fans will just have to trust that Greene will deliver another brutal Halloween sequel come October.

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Source: MovieWeb

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  • Halloween Kills (2020)Release date: Oct 16, 2020
  • Halloween Ends (2021)Release date: Oct 15, 2021

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