HAUNTED MANSION: Owen Wilson Joins Cast of Upcoming Disney Film


Owen Wilson Close Up

Owen Wilson On Board Disney’s Haunted Mansion

A new upcoming film from Disney called Haunted Mansion has just added Owen Wilson to the primary cast of the picture.

Owen Wilson has been one of Hollywood’s most likable leading men for quite some time now. He is a favorite with children and family audiences for his work as the voice of Lightning McQueen in several of the animated Cars pictures. Now, he’s back in Disney’s latest film based on a theme park ride. It’s called Haunted Mansion.



In 2003, Disney made a film with Eddie Murphy called The Haunted Mansion which had a plot similar to the new upcoming film where a family moves into a haunted house. That film disappointed at the box-office earning just $75 million domestically and only garnered a mere “B” CinemaScore grade from audiences who went to see the picture. Disney obviously believes there is room for improvement with their venture into the forthcoming project which Owen Wilson has just become attached to.

Owen Wilson came on to the scene in 1996 with an acclaimed indie called Bottle Rocket and several years later found himself nominated for an Oscar for co-writing The Royal Tenenbaums with frequent collaborator Wes Anderson. Wilson has starred in many box-office successes such as Wedding Crashers and he even played the lead in, perhaps, Woody Allen’s most acclaimed film of the past 20 years, Midnight in Paris. Wilson has carved out a successful career in Hollywood by also co-starring in blockbusters such as Night at the Museum and its sequels.

The new Haunted Mansion film will also feature LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish. Justin Simien will be directing the movie and it will be his first big budget studio film. This picture will be based on a script by Katie Dippold. It will be produced by the same men who were behind the 2019 remake of Aladdin. They are Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, respectively.

Cameras shooting Haunted Mansion will start rolling in Atlanta next month just in time for Halloween. This picture is going to hopefully be a major improvement over the Eddie Murphy version which has a mere 14% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Owen Wilson has made a name for himself these days as the character Mobius on Disney Plus’ “Loki.” Wilson will be seen on the big screen next month as well in Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch which features an all-star cast. Wilson will also be starring in the now completed film Marry Me where he plays opposite the always radiant Jennifer Lopez. Owen Wilson is one of our most reliable actors whether he’s starring in a project or just playing a supporting character in a film. His voice over work is also superb. Disney has not set a date for the unveiling of the new Haunted Mansion film as of yet.

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