Here’s Adele’s Set List For Her Las Vegas Residency


Adele‘s Las Vegas residency finally started this week at Caesars Palace and will run through March of 2023. The show faced many delays over COVID-19 issues and creative differences, but Adele’s first show apparently went well.

“I always get scared before shows, and I take it as a good sign because it means I care and means I just want to do a good job,” Adele wrote in a long thread on Twitter just before performance on November 17. “Maybe it’s because I didn’t start when I was supposed to. Maybe it’s because it’s opening night, maybe it’s because Hyde Park went so great, maybe its because I love the show I don’t know. But it’s safe to say I’ve never been more nervous before a show in my career, but at the same time I wish today was tomorrow! I can’t wait to see you out there.”

At the show itself, she was reportedly very emotional at points, telling the audience, “I should be giving you a standing ovation, thank you so much for coming back to me…I really appreciate it. You look amazing and it looks just what I imagined it would look like, it’s perfect.”

She opened the show with her iconic track “Hello,” also telling the audience, “I will remember this night for the rest of my f-cking life, better late than never.”

In the audience that night was Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul, and her ten-year-old son, Angelo.

Here is the set list from her opening night, which might be subject to change as the residency goes on:

1. Hello
2. Easy On Me
3. Turning Tables
4. Take It All
5. I Drink Wine
6. Water Under The Bridge
7. Send My Love
8. Oh My God
9. One and Only
10. Don’t You Remember
11. Rumour Has It
12. Skyfall
13. Hometown Glory
14. Cry Your Heart Out (intro)
15. Set Fire To the Rain
16. Hold On
17. When We Were Young
18. Someone Like You
19. Rolling in the Deep
20. Love is a Game

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