Hold Up—Zara and H&M Just Dropped Their Most Epic New Arrivals of the Season


To be honest, I’m rarely disappointed when Zara or H&M drop a fresh batch of seasonal styles, and as a fashion editor, I look at a lot of them. But there’s a big difference between being not disappointed and actually being impressed, which is a far more difficult task to conquer. The competing retailers’ latest arrivals, though, do enough to not only meet my standards but also exceed them by a landslide. 

From upscale dresses and heels (at low-scale prices) at Zara to low-key basics that could pass as designer at H&M, both brands managed to release no-fault collections this week. But of course, there were some finds from the selections that stood out. Keep scrolling to shop Zara’s and H&M’s most epic new arrivals. 

I want a pair in every color. 

This dress is on every Who What Wear editor’s wish list right now. 

From the bedroom to brunch. 

These classic hoops will get you far in life. 

Easy and effortless combine to form this stunning knit dress. 

Actually, I’m obsessed. 

These easy mules work just as well with a formal dress as they do with jeans. 

To wear instead of yet another ribbed tank top. 

I, personally, am in love with pink and red together. 

Never underestimate the power of a good suit.  Shop the matching Full Length Pants ($60).

This dress calls for a beach vacation. 

A fresh alternative to plain black loafers. 

A literal work of art. 

These look surprisingly comfortable. 

It’s a need, not a want. 

The shoulder cutouts are too good to miss.

Valentino-inspired ballet flats? Consider me influenced. 

This top looks so expensive. 

Start preparing now for compliments. 

Toe-loop sandals will always be ’90s-level cool.

If you look up “gorgeous” in the dictionary, a photo of this lingerie set will meet your eye.  Shop the matching Tulle Lace Panties ($30).

The perfect party dress, secured. 

Comfy and luxe. 

Your black T-shirts wish they could look this good. 

If you like cargo pants, then you’ll love this cargo miniskirt. 

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this knit top was at least $200. 

Peak comfy. 

These will sell out. It’s just a matter of when. 

I’m never letting the pin-top trend die. 

I am in awe, literally. 

I can’t believe this trench is only $85.

Everyone needs at least one of these. 

Easy, breezy. 

Your new everywhere, everyday dress. 

Just the right amount of statement. 

I’d spend way more than $25 on these shades. 

It’s giving Great Expectations.  Shop the matching Viscose Skirt ($25).

The perfect topper for any outfit. 

Don’t let anyone tell you to stop wearing white jeans after Labor Day. 

Trust me—this color isn’t going anywhere. 

Billowy shirts are my forever favorite. 

Didn’t you hear? Long shorts are back. 

This dress comes with endless possibilities. 

Puddle pants are always worth buying, period. 

You’ll get so much wear out of this mini. 

Fall’s top trend? Bomber jackets. And this one’s only $50. 

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