Hollyoaks viewers spot major plot hole as James tries to get Warren out of jail


Hollyoaks viewers noticed a major blunder in tonight’s episode when James attempted to get Warren out of jail.

Warren was arrested after Liam manage to outsmart him, tricking the bad boy into attacking him while the police were watching.

James visited Warren, and said he would help bail him out.

However, fans noticed a huge police plot hole, as they were convinced Warren would never be let out after policed witnessed his brutal attack on Liam.

One said: “How is James supposed to get Warren out of jail, the police saw him beat up Liam with their own eyes.”

While another wrote: “How exactly is James gona get Warren out? Hot-Shot Lawyer or not? He’s already out on licence, not to mention the Police literally caught him in the act of assaulting Liam.”

Hollyoaks viewers spot major plot hole as James tries to get Warren out of jail

Others worked out how James could free James Lomas’ character Warren, with one saying: “Corruption… He said he’s buddies with the judge.”

During the scene James visited Warren, it was revealed that he would help the character’s case.

He told Warren: “You’ve taken on my case?

“I’ve been charged and refused bail!”

James replied: “I know the judge.”

James was trying to help Warren get out of jail after his arrest

At the end of the episode it showed Warren exploding in a fiery rage as he still remained in the cell.

In the dramatic scenes, the character began throwing furniture and his food at the walls as he came to terms with being behind bars.

Fans continued flooded Twitter with comments about his arrest.

One said: “James really didn’t have a chance of getting Warren out of jail.”

Warren was spectacle after James revealed he wanted to help him

While another wrote: “Why exactly does Warren need ‘Emergency bail’ for James? Especially when he was already out on Licence when he assaulted Liam!”

“Surely even James realises it’s safer for Liam if Warren stays behind bars (Permanently this time) especially given he wrongly thinks he shot Mercy” added a third.

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