How to get an enviable booty WITHOUT surgery – expert reveals all


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CHEEKY TIPS: A skin expert revealed how to get an enviable bottom

are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures of the moment.

and are among the celebrities to get their behind’s pumped up.

The surgeries can be costly, coming in at around £7,500 for one session.

So it comes as no surprise that some are looking for other ways to get firmer and more rounded rears.

Non surgical bum lifts are a great way to achieve your body goals.

Georgios Tzenichristos, of the London-based Lipotherapeia, revealed all about the non-surgical procedures available.

The skin tightening and cellulite expert explained that monopolar radiofrequency can be used to break down the fatty deposits on your bum.

It is also said to tighten the skin, boost circulation and remove cellulite.

After the technology is used on your skin, it’s important to work out.

Exercising the glutes can make results more dramatic.

Georgios recommends adding weights into your regular workouts.

He said: “Bum lifting requires you to work both on the inside and the outside, in order to achieve best results. Working only on either will produce limited results…

The more bulky and toned the ‘glut max’ muscles are, the more lifted and round your bum will look, without looking fat.”

Georgios suggests hip bridges, donkey kicks and work on the hip extension machine.

Dead lifts are another exercise that help you to isolate the gluteus maximus, without bulking up the quads.

While clients are encouraged to work weights into their workouts, you shouldn’t overload yourself.

The expert recommends using a manageable amount that leaves your glutes tired after 10-12 reps.

Doing 3-5 sets twice a week should be enough to keep your booty in tip top condition.

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