How to get bigger boobs WITHOUT going under the knife: Top surgeon reveals all



BOOBS: You can get bigger breasts without surgery

Over the years, breast implants have become increasingly popular with Brits as more and more people are desperate to look like their favourite celebs.

According to a leading cosmetic surgeon, at least 49% of procedure requests are coming from people aged 18-24.

But if you don’t want to go to that extreme, how can you get without going under the knife?

Talking to the Daily Star Online, Dr Foued Hamza, French Cosmetic Surgeon, reveals the easiest ways to boost your bust without surgery. 


BREASTS: Breast enlargement procedures have become popular in the UK

“Making a hot, natural drink for increasing breast size is quick and easy”

Dr Foued Hamza

He told Daily Star Online: “Consume natural herbs. Fennel, red clover, wild yam and kava are just a few more of the natural herbs and plant supplements purported to cause breast growth.

“Fennel is one of the leading oestrogenic compounds. In a similar way that it increases milk production for nursing mothers, it enhances breast size for women who haven’t entered motherhood.

“Alternatively, making a hot, natural drink for increasing breast size is quick and easy, add one or two teaspoons of dried red clover flowers to one cup of hot water, steep, strain and drink two or three times a day.”

The Harley Street Surgeon, who specialises in Brazilian Butt lifts, takes the whole body into account before reshaping it and offers a quick recovery procedure with minimal scarring.

His other tips for getting bigger boobs include pilling on more pounds and having a better posture.

Dr Foued added: “If you’re on the thin side, don’t be afraid to gain some weight as often this will sometimes be noticeable first in your breasts or bottom.

“This doesn’t quite mean you should fill your body with fast food, but it does mean you can opt for foods high in fats. Stand up straight – it’s truly the quickest way to make your breasts look larger.

“Without throwing your shoulders back too far and looking a bit awkward, just the right amount of posture can be good for your body and a great illusion.”


TOP DOCTOR: Dr Foued Hamza is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons

The surgeon, who is registered to practice in the UK, Paris and Malta, also recommends wearing the .

“A woman’s boobs can change six times. So it’s not wonder why women often get it wrong when shopping for their next bra,” Dr Foued explained.

“Attempting to wear a size bigger than your actual size may not actually achieve the look you want, but it may make them look smaller and hang more loosely instead.”


And if you want a , Dr Foued also revealed his top tips for people who are scared to go under the knife.

Some include squatting, eating right and wearing outfits to make your butt look larger.

“Wearing the right clothing that gives the illusion of a bigger bum can make a subtle difference,” he explained.

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