Hugh Jackman Tells Blake Lively She Is A ‘Saint For Marrying’ Ryan Reynolds


By Jamie Samhan.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ joke rivalry lives on.

Jackman congratulated Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, on her new line of mixers Betty Buzz but couldn’t let the moment pass without taunting the “Free Guy” star.

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“We love every flavour, some of us even like it with a little nip added. But more importantly, we love the woman who created it, Blake Lively. You are a one-of-a-kind, Blake,” Jackman said. “You are just fun, you are creative, you are sunshine seven days a week, and you’re a saint for marrying the man. Sorry… not sorry.”

“This wasn’t part of the deal when I bought this video on Cameo,” Reynolds commented.

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“@thehughjackman I think we can all agree @vancityreynolds’ best trait is you, me and Deb,” Lively responded on her Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories. Photo: @blakelively/Instagram
Instagram Stories. Photo: @blakelively/Instagram

Lively further trolled Reynolds for “flirting” with her after he promoted Betty Buzz on his Stories.

Instagram Story. Photo: @blakelively/Instagram
Instagram Story. Photo: @blakelively/Instagram

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