I Feel Like a Million Bucks Every Time I Wear This $17 Item, so I’m Buying More


Lounging around the house in decadent lingerie is a next-level luxury experience, and I’ve done it so many times. However, I’ve cursed myself with a love for mirrors, so my apartment is filled with them. This experience can occasionally lead me to be a bit insecure when I spend too much time in front of them without being fully dressed. Not only that, but for the purpose of comfort, I prefer to lounge in something a bit more covered up than a traditional bra-and-panty set. That’s how I fell in love with wearing my silk robe as much as possible.

My favorite time to wear mine is when I’m “glamming” for a night out or a special event. After a quick shower, instead of immediately putting on my formal attire, I’ll slip into a robe and complete my hair and makeup while listening to one of my favorite songs, which is currently anything by Bad Bunny. For that reason, I’m telling everyone I know about how thrilling it is to wear a silk robe. Below, find 30 that are currently sitting in my shopping cart.

Introducing the robe that inspired this story.

How luxurious is this?

Another budget-friendly robe I’m obsessed with.

Definitely a robe worth lounging in.

She’s perfection.

I’m loving this print.

Nordstrom is my favorite place to find new lingerie.

This print is absolutely everything.

I’m in love with her.

This print is everything.

The minimalist tie is the perfect finishing touch.

I want to give “bride on her wedding day” energy.

Everything about this gets a yes from me.

This is absolutely stunning.

Everything about this print makes me want to take a closer look.

I am calling this the perfect gift.

The scrunched sleeves on this robe make it the perfect robe to get dressed in.

This robe has the kind of tie that won’t fall off.

This robe is definitely next on my list.

It’s the lace trim for me.

The prettiest shade of brown.

Black and white is everything right now.

How pretty is this print?

If I wanted to feel like a fairy, I would wear this.

Stripes are always a good idea.

The literal robe of my dreams.

This print is straight out of a Disney movie.

This one is an instant classic.

I always insist on having something different, so I feel like this robe is so me.

This color would look so good on just about anyone.

I’ll leave you with this.

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