I Wear a Blazer at Least Once a Week—17 Outfits on My Current Styling Mood Board


It’s basically a rule that if you work in fashion, you have to wear blazersa lot. Whether you choose oversize ones or nipped-in ones, longline ones or cropped ones, it doesn’t much matter, as long as you have plenty of them stocked in your closet to throw on top of an outfit at any given moment. Of course, having a uniform like this can make life much easier. I’d know—I wore one for years in school and saved an abundance of time getting ready in the morning. It can, however, grow stale rather quickly. 

That’s no reason to stop wearing the priority wardrobe staple. In fact, I probably will never quit my blazers. All it means is that you need to style them in interesting and ever-changing ways. That’s why I keep a mood board dedicated to blazers that I update every few weeks with new styling inspiration to ensure that my blazers never start to feel boring, no matter how often I wear them. Keep scrolling to see the 17 blazer outfits that are currently calling said mood board home. 

What you’ll need: Cream-colored blazer + sheer, metallic slip dress

What you’ll need: Cropped blazer + rib-knit bod-ycon dress

What you’ll need: Gray blazer + poplin button-down shirt

What you’ll need: Leather blazer + black minidress

What you’ll need: Tan faux-leather blazer + low-rise maxi skirt

What you’ll need: Black tailored suit

What you’ll need: Oversize, navy blazer + low-rise, slouchy jeans

What you’ll need: Oversize, black blazer + maxi-length slip dress

What you’ll need: Tailored, black blazer + denim midi skirt

What you’ll need: Tartan blazer + dark-wash, straight-leg jeans

What you’ll need: Slouchy, black blazer + white, rib-knit maxi skirt

What you’ll need: Menswear-inspired gray suit

What you’ll need: Black, fitted blazer + studded belt

What you’ll need: Navy-blue blazer + mid-wash, straight-leg jeans

What you’ll need: Cropped, gray blazer + matching gray trousers

What you’ll need: Classic blazer + black denim midi skirt

What you’ll need: Brown corduroy blazer + matching miniskirt

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