If Your Hair Is Snapping, These Are the Habits You Need to Change ASAP


Over the past few weeks, it’s safe to say that we have all experienced a beauty mishap or two. From patchy, half-fallen-out lash extensions to grown-out manicures and toes that need some serious tending to, there’s no doubt that our beauty routines have recently been flipped on their heads. The biggest issues that it seems almost everyone is facing, though, are those to do with our hair. 

Being unable to get out to salons means that many of us are currently facing unsightly roots and split ends and even risking at-home haircuts in a bid to better the situation. One of the most common complaints that I have come across, however, is that of hair breakage. In fact, almost everyone I have spoken to agrees that their hair seems to be snapping much more than it ever has before.

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