I’ll Be Your Secret Stylist: These 9 Nordstrom Outfits Are All You Need to See


While I may have spent a little too much time scrolling through Nordstrom’s site this past week (a few hours can pass by without you noticing), I ended up mentally creating multiple outfits from the latest selection of new arrivals and best sellers. Since Nordstrom is one of my favorite retailers, I knew I had to share them because it simply makes shopping easier to see each item styled. You can imagine it in your own closet too. While some outfits can be loosely re-created with the basics I already own, the looks below have me inspired to buy a few standout items like cozy cashmere sweaters and a wool coat that’ll keep me warm all fall and winter.

If you’re searching for a fresh array of outfits for the season ahead, look no further. From office-ready attire to relaxed weekend ensembles, Nordstrom has always got you covered. Feel free to copy each look or shop any key pieces to style them yourself. Here’s to ending the year with a stellar wardrobe.

If you have to leave this story with one piece in your cart, let it be a great grey sweater like the one featured here. It’ll look great with a pair of your favorite jeans, but I can’t help but think about its contrast against this light-denim skirt. It’s such an excellent combo, and the black accessories tie it all together.

A pop of red is a must this season, and this outfit proves you can do it in a more subdued and classy manner. If your wardrobe tends to lean more neutral, this look offers an easy way to introduce a little bit more color. 

When you have a sweater that’s as chic as this Toteme one, the outfit options are endless. And while I’ve seen this sweater dressed up on my IG feed, I thought I’d offer a more pared-back look. 

Whether you’ve got a special date night, wedding, or holiday party on your calendar, a silky dress like this will come in handy. All you need are a few dazzling accessories and you’re ready to party.

Ugg season is here, and I’m trying my best to branch out and not only wear them with sweatpants or loungewear. Take notes from Gigi Hadid and pair them with jeans and a comfortable sweater.

A scarf-coat is like an instant way to look incredibly polished and stylish. And if you want to up that even more, the subtle pop of the metallic slingbacks under the trousers will really add that extra “oomph.”

A full neutral outfit doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you have a few layers to create more interest in an outfit. 

If you’ve been inspired by Khaite and are now interested in adding a western touch to your wardrobe, this simple outfit is a great place to start.

I love a full grungy look, but I love an outfit even more when there’s a stark contrast like what’s present here. While this pretty skirt would look great with ballet flats, there’s a coolness that exudes from the outfit when paired with these biker boots.

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