I’m an NYC-Based Fashion Editor—These Are the Fall Trends I’m Obsessing Over


Love fall fashion? I do too. Naturally, I have been patiently waiting for fall to arrive to bid adieu to my bright-colored dresses, sandals, and bikinis and say hello to knits, wearing jeans again, and boots. Now, I do love summer, so saying goodbye to beach weekends and summer vacations is bittersweet, but that new-season feeling has come, and I can honestly say I’m excited. As a person who loves to try new trends, I have been keeping my eyes open for chic new ones to incorporate into my wardrobe this fall and found six that I can’t wait to wear. A new season is the perfect time to embrace new things and to level up your style game. Every seasonal change is an opportunity to be even chicer than the last, and I don’t know about you, but this fall, I will definitely be taking that opportunity. 

Keep scrolling to see the six stylish trends for fall that will help me do just that.

Whenever I think of fall, my mind immediately goes to “back to school.” While I wont be attending any classes this upcoming fall, that doesn’t mean that I can’t embrace a hint of scholastic style into my fall wardrobe. Think the original Gossip Girl, Upper East Side private school, Ivy League chic. You can get the look with a pleated miniskirt, pairing loafers or Mary Janes with cable-knit ankle socks, styling a sweater-vest over a button-down shirt, or adding a plaid piece like a miniskirt or blazer. The Miu Miu penny loafers give me a fashionable-professor vibe. I think I need them.

I’ve always loved a good suit set, but something about fall feels like the perfect time to wear one. You can always go for a professional and classic look by styling a chic suit set with heeled mules or loafers, but you can also dress it down by styling it with sneakers and jewelry for a more casual, street style look. I am really gravitating toward vests and waistcoats paired with matching trousers.

Now, if you’ve been on TikTok lately, you may have seen the rise of the “old-money aesthetic,” and it’s definitely here to stay for fall. Think Uptown New York City chic, tweed fabrics, pearl detailing, or preppy New England vibes with cream sweaters that have navy horizontal stripes layered over a powder-blue Oxford button-down. I’ve got to say, I wouldn’t really describe my personal style as preppy or uptown chic, but I’m more than excited to give this aesthetic a try.

Arguably, the best part of the weather getting colder is that it’s finally time to bust out your favorite sweaters. There is something so cozy and comforting about a great sweater, and I always look forward to wearing a classic sweater, jeans, and boots.

Ballerinas have been a symbol of beauty, femininity, class, and grace. The balletcore aesthetic is all about incorporating all of those things through fabrics, silhouettes, and motifs into your personal style. Ballet flats, bow detailing, satin fabrics, wrap sweaters, and pretty detailing are all great ways to embrace this trend. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like a ballerina

In my opinion, a great jacket is at the top of the list when it comes to must-haves for fall. Every cool girl whose aesthetic I’m obsessed with has a collection of jackets ranging from moto to leather to faux-fur to shearling to vintage. While jackets tend to be a bit more of an investment, trust me—it’s worth it.

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