I’m an Observant Shopper—Here Are the Coolest Under-$200 Buys I Saw This Month


Most fashion editors know it’s not unusual to keep a running tally of all the things you want to buy. And unfortunately for me (or my wallet), that list is never short of things. It also doesn’t help when your feed is full of incredibly stylish people who make what they’re wearing look like the next best thing. Call it being influenced. Today, I’m here to share everything that’s caught my eye recently but with a little caveat: very single piece included is $200 or less. From head-turning jewelry to winter statement pieces, all of these items are things I’ve very nearly bought, either plan to, or have discussed ad nauseam in my own group chat. Whether you’re in the mood to fawn over pretty things or need some really great wardrobe heavy-hitters, keep scrolling below.

These have been blowing up on Amazon, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone gets in on the secret. 

The perfect big shirt.

Reviewers love how close they resemble the Attico’s version.

Look like money.

I would expect for this to be triple the price.

Because you already have a 274,903 million pairs of black faux-leather pants.

The name Big Scrunch is right.

Not your grandpa’s sweater.

Last year I proclaimed that heart pendants are the next big thing—now here’s the proof.

An on-sale find that’s completely worth it.

The cool thing about these earrings is that there is one for every letter of the alphabet.

There’s something about a plaid pleated skirt that just calls my name. 

The little buckle details are so much fun.

I just love this bag. 

If you know you know—this bag has become a cult favorite of the internet. 

For warmer days ahead.

They’re not just any pants; they’re cool pants.

Change things up a bit with velvet.

One of my fashion editor friends has these and swears by them.

These definitely won’t be in stock for long.

My advice: Buy the whole three-piece set and copy this exact styling.

When a necklace comes included, that’s a win.

This silhouette really makes skirts and dresses pop.

Cool sleeves are always the right answer.

Denim maxi skirts all 2023.

This color is so enchanting.

Since Totême is really having a moment.

Gloopy gold is a trend I feel very passionately about, so of course I have a shopping list solely dedicated to all of my favorite pieces. This one tops the list.

Quite obsessed. 

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