I’m Emotionally Attached to the Quiet-Luxury Look—32 Finds I’ll Regret Skipping


The quiet-luxury look is everywhere. While some of you may be tired of hearing about it, I, on the other hand, am still thrilled by the aesthetic. This trending look is about to become my entire fall 2023 personality, and I have no shame about it. Tons of retailers are buying into this luxe-looking movement, which makes finding the perfect pieces to build out your wardrobe rather time-consuming. This is why I took the trouble of identifying all the best quiet-luxury finds for you here.

Featuring a mix of high and low price points, this shopping roundup will have our fall wardrobes solidified. It includes designer bags, affordable flats, and the It items of the season, so I can guarantee that skipping any of the below will lead to regret. If you’re as emotionally attached to the aesthetic as I am, you’ll understand why.

You know you want them.

I’ll be forever obsessed with this old money look.

The perfect wash.

Start with this stunning tube top. Then grab the belt, pants, and slingbacks that follow for an easy but polished outfit. 

Belts will always be in style, and this unique texture will elevate all your basics.

The tailored trousers everyone in our office owns. 

I recently bought these, and now, I need every color.

It’s giving Sofia Richie on her honeymoon. 

The It bag of the summer. 

Agolde jeans are my go-to for denim that feels timeless and current. 

If these don’t scream “rich,” I don’t know what will. 

The back of this dress has me in tears. 

I’m in love with this outfit.

So chic.

Prepare to wear this on repeat. 

The ideal fall jacket.

Style this with a simple tank and rich-looking accessories for an easy fall outfit. 

The girls who get it, get it. 

It’s not a want—it’s a need. 

Manolos always prove to be worth the investment, and these are my next purchase. 

If you know, you know.

If there’s one brand I’m going to splurge on, it’s The Row.

Wear this when you’re sick of everything in your closet.

Imagine how cute these would look with a fun pair of socks.

Denim on denim is back.

Worth the splurge.

She’s a beauty.

Such a fun little pair of hoops. 

The blazer everyone needs in their closet. 

Simply stunning. 

I love a belted skirt.

I absolutely need these shoes. 

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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