I’m Getting All of My Gifts at Nordstrom—Here Are the 33 Top Contenders


As you can probably remember, the collective online shopping marketplace hasn’t always been as saturated as it is now. Having lots of choices can certainly be a positive thing, but it can also be a negative one—especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by holiday gift-giving. One solution is to do all of your gift shopping in one place, which is very much possible thanks to Nordstrom’s vast inventory of gifts.

I do the majority of my gift shopping on Nordstrom, and I’m guessing that since you’re here, you’re not opposed to doing the same. That said, it’s not like shopping for gifts on Nordstrom isn’t also overwhelming—there are thousands of items to choose from. So, I spent several hours narrowing all of the options down to 33 extra-special gems. Scroll on to get a head start on your holiday shopping for everyone on your list, with the help of an admittedly picky editor.no

Meet the winter version of the Ralph Lauren baseball cap all the celebs are wearing.

You probably know someone who would appreciate these pretty coasters.

I’m sure all of the Le Labo fans out there have their eye on its newest fragrance.

My husband received this speaker as a gift last year so I can vouch—the sound is amazing.

If they already own the tan ones, chocolate brown is the next color they need.

I’ve been wearing these pajamas for years—they’re that good.

Everything Barefoot Dreams makes is wildly comfortable.

I predict this will be sold out by December.

I think I’m going to have to put this potentially life-changing oven on my own wish list.

You need to see the reviews to believe how good this pillowcase is.

The perfect carry-on for the stylish frequent flier in your life.

Your beauty device-obsessed loved one will appreciate this buzzy (and effective) one.

Shopping for a picky teen? Bingo.

Is it just me or have cardholders become more popular than wallets?

A stunning set they’ll actually use.

For that person who’s always saying they need to drink more water.

A very popular candle just got a very festive update.

Socks in the next It color are a great fashion person gift idea.

An adorable option for your friend or family member’s new little one.

For the person who loves all things astrology and French.

This robe will make them feel like they’re at a fancy spa.

For the cocktail conniseur in your life.

I love that this is chocolate brown as opposed to black.

A dream gift.

This would be a great White Elephant gift.

The bubble jewelry trend is probably already on your fashion friends’ radars.

The most adorable teddy ever for the toddler in your life.

For the person who’s alreayd thinking of summer.

BRB while I go order this for my pup.

A great classic watch without an ultra-high price tag.

The sweater color everyone wants this season.

A corduroy baseball cap is peak cozy.

I own this jacket and can confirm that it’s lightweight yet warm and has a cool oversized fit.

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