I’m Redoing My Body Care Routine For Winter—Here’s What I’m Replacing


Every year, once the weather starts getting colder, I always spend time redoing my body care routine. I have incredibly dry skin, and in the winter, it requires much more TLC so that the skin on my body doesn’t start resembling scales. To me, that means swapping out lighter weight moisturizers for body butters and creams, adding in hydrating serums, and paying more attention to exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells. 

At this point, I’ve become a pro at figuring out how to make my winter body care routine the best it can be. Keep reading for all the products I’m swapping in this winter—if you tend to get dry in colder weather, I promise, these products will make your skin feel like you just got back from a tropical vacation instead.

Swapping in body butter for body lotion is one of the best things you can do to keep dry skin at bay. This one is filled with argan oil, which is a non-comedogenic and highly moisturizing oil. 

If I want a heavier moisturizer that isn’t quite a body oil, I always opt for this body balm from Osea. It’s the perfect oil-lotion hybrid that blends passion fruit, coconut, acai, and babassu oils for supremely soft skin. 

Dry body oils are my favorite kinds of body oils—they don’t leave any oily residue behind but they soak into skin immediately. This one feels luxe and smells absolutely amazing. 

Whenever I have particularly dry areas that are hard to treat, I reach for this balm. You can use it anywhere and it instantly soothes irritated, dry skin. 

I live for Kate McLeod’s innovative solid body products, and the Pebble might be my favorite one yet. It’s a deeply moisturizing body treatment that you can use in the bath or shower—which is the easiest way to infuse your skin with moisture. 

Exfoliation is just as important as moisture for supremely soft skin. This body scrub smells like an island escape, smooths skin, and can also be used on your scalp. 

Whenever I feel like I need even more exfoliation, I like to reach for my dry brush. It provides the deepest exfoliation that you can get and it feels like an invigorating moment of self care. 

This creamy body cleanser is super gentle and non-stripping, but 

I like to layer this serum under my moisturizer for a dose of extra moisture. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to nourish skin.

In the winter, a rich hand cream is a must to keep cracked knuckles at bay. This shea-butter rich cream from L’Occitane has been my favorite for years. 

Before I go to sleep, I like to apply cuticle oil so that I can wake up with moisturized hands. This one is a roll-on, which makes it virtually mess-free and easy to use. 

If I want to opt for a more luxurious hand cream, this one from Chanel is my favorite. It’s infused with iris pallida and rose wax to nourish and protect hands for up to eight hours. Bonus—it also makes a chic decor statement. 

Foot cream isn’t just important in the summer—it’s equally important in colder weather to avoid dry and cracked heels. Put some on under socks and you’ll wake up with baby-soft feet. 

Excess hand-washing is one of the biggest causes of dry hands in the wintertime. This hand soap is loaded with moisture to curb dryness. 

Why not opt for a moisturizing fragrance? This roll-on pine-forward scent is also infused with skin-friendly plant oils.

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