Inbetweeners' James Buckley apologises over 'awful' reunion show: 'Feeling pretty hated'


fans went online to slate the Fwends Reunited reunion show, which aired on Channel 4 on Tuesday evening.

The show saw cast members Simon Bird (Will), Joe Thomas (Simon), James Buckley (Jay) and Blake Harrison (Neil) reunite for a celebration of the sitcom, 10 years after it first aired.

The programme, hosted by comedian Jimmy Carr, included behind-the-scenes footage from filming, the story behind the show, and embarrassing stories.

However, many fans of the cult TV show slammed the programme.

“I’m sorry to anyone who feels let down with last night’s show”

James Buckley

Many called it “toe-curling” while others labelled it the biggest let-down of 2019.

Other viewers were under the impression that it was a new episode too, rather than just a re-cap.

Addressing this, actor James took to Twitter to speak out against the backlash.

The 31-year-old apologised to fans after admitting he felt “hated”.

The Inbetweeners reunion

FWENDS REUNITED: James Buckley has apologised after fans blasted the show (Pic: C4)

James Buckley Twitter Inbetweeners reunion post

SPEAKING OUT: James apologised to fans for the show on Twitter (Pic: TWITTER/JAMES BUCKLEY)

Witnessed by his 389,000 followers, he wrote: “Feeling pretty hated right now.

“I’m sorry to anyone who feels let down with last night’s show. I’m especially upset as it really is the fans that made the Inbetweeners a success, it certainly wasn’t me.

“I might do an explanation video on my YouTube, or might just leave it and move on #sorry.”

Fans reassured the London-born star though in their replies – with many blaming host Jimmy Carr, 46, for its downfall.

The Inbetweeners reunion

BLASTED: Viewers labeled the show as ‘toe-curling’ and said it was a disappointment (Pic: C4)

The Inbetweeners

MILESTONE: The show was organised to celebrate ten years since The Inbetweeners first aired (Pic: C4)

One wrote: “No it wasn’t you mate, I thought you were very good on it. The format was just a bit meh and as much as I like Jimmy Carr he was completely wrong for it.”

While another added: “It had great potential but to be honest the host ruined it! Wanted to hear more from you guys, but don’t feel you had the chance to fully contribute.”

A third chimed in: “It was all a bit awkward! Would have preferred a documentary from you four talking memories/best bits/favourite bits etc and leave out the awards and dump Jimmy Carr!”

Well we don’t think they’ll be hiring Jimmy Carr for the next reunion.

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