Is Bre Tiesi Leaving Selling Sunset After Season 7?


Since her introduction in Selling Sunset season 6, Bre Tiesi has made quite the impact. Along with bringing a roster of celebrity clientele to The Oppenheim Group, Tiesi seemed to ruffle some feathers due to her relationship with Nick Cannon, with whom she shares a son. As a result, throughout Selling Sunset season 7, Tiesi was forced to confront real estate agent Chelsea Lazkani, who had continually made disparaging remarks about her relationship. Plus, the introduction of someone from Tiesi’s past only seemed to make matters worse. After season 7’s dramatic finale, has Bre Tiesi left the show for good? Here’s what we know so far.

Drama with Chelsea and Cassandra caused problems for Bre.

In episode 8, during the group’s trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Bre Tiesi was affronted when a real estate agent from another firm claimed to have worked with her in the past. Approaching several of the agents at a property viewing, Cassandra Dawn Repstad told Tiesi, “We know each other from back in the day,” claiming that they used to do bottle service together. Tiesi seemed wary of the interaction, and responded, “I wouldn’t say we actually know each other, but I guess being in the industry everyone kind of knows of each other.” After seemingly affirming that they were never friends, Tiesi revealed that Repstad had been regularly messaging her on social media, which she didn’t like. When Repstad joined the Selling Sunset agents at the beach the following day, Tiesi made her excuses and left.

Back in Los Angeles, Chelsea Lazkani and Nicole Young met with Repstad for lunch in episode 9. Later in the episode, Tiesi spoke with Chrishell Stause about the burgeoning friendship between Repstad and Lazkani, saying, “That seems intentional to me.”

During a conversation with Jason Oppenheim in episode 11, Tiesi also revealed that she was unhappy with the way she’d been treated by Lazkani in particular. “I have Chelsea trying to fuck with my game,” she told him. “She’s trying to fuck up my clients, my business, my relationships with girls in the office. Like, it’s ridiculous and it’s completely unnecessary.” While this conflict wasn’t the only issue Tiesi raised in the conversation, it’s clear that she wasn’t finding The Oppenheim Group to be a conducive workplace. “Chelsea has a witch hunt for me, and I’m done with her shit, and she really needs to fuck all the way off, because gloves are off at this point,” Tiesi said in a confessional.

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Bre was unhappy with The Oppenheim Group’s financial split.

At the start of episode 11, Tiesi met with Jason Oppenheim to talk about some of her concerns. In particular, she expressed her unhappiness with the financial split that The Oppenheim Group took from all of its agents, which was revealed to be 20 percent of commissions. “At my last brokerage, I had a 90-10 [percent split],” she told him. “So for me to walk away with this kind of split, it’s just a really hard pill to swallow. And it really just isn’t sitting well with me, knowing that now I’m losing a lot more of my money than I would lose somewhere else.”

Oppenheim argued that all of the agents, even Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause, were contracted to give up the same percentage of their earnings. “I think you’ll be more successful at The Oppenheim Group, even with 80-20 [percent split], than you would be at ninety-ten,” he told Tiesi, claiming that she’d receive better support from the brokerage than she would elsewhere. Tiesi disputed this, suggesting that there were too many other agents to compete with for work at The O Group.

In a confessional, Tiesi explained, “Now, Jason takes a much larger percentage, which obviously affects my income and how I provide for my son.” She continued, “I’ve had enough. I’m a one-woman show. These are my clients, my people. I did all of this on my own. I don’t wanna continue to make money for a brokerage where I can make way more money somewhere else, and you have people like Chelsea trying to sabotage you. I deserve way more than I’m making to put up with that shit.”

While Oppenheim and Tiesi’s conversation was open-ended, it was obvious that the real estate agent was less than happy with her current position. “I don’t know if I can accept that,” she told Oppenheim. “I can’t walk away from that much money. That’s a lot of money. That’s a huge difference in your commission.” She ended the talk by telling him, “I’m not sure this is for me,” then left.

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She stormed off from the office party in the season 7 finale.

In the season 7 finale, the Selling Sunset agents attended a party to celebrate The Oppenheim Group’s new office in Los Angeles. Chelsea Lazkani brought Cassandra Dawn Repstad to the party, and approached Bre Tiesi, who was chatting with Emma Hernan at the time. Lazkani told Tiesi, “So I know you and Cassandra got off on the wrong start.” Repstad then pitched in, saying, “I don’t really understand this whole, like, attitude, Bre.”

After confirming that she does have an attitude, Tiesi asked Repstad, “Why are you so pressed that we’re friends?” After claiming that she didn’t want to be friends with Tiesi, Repstad asked why she continued to be a bitch. From there, the conversation quickly turned into an argument, with Tiesi asking Lazkani, “Why are you forcing her on me?”

Repstad subsequently walked away, leaving Tiesi and Lazkani to talk. Tiesi defended herself, explaining that she got a bad vibe from Repstad from the start, especially as the agent seemed to know too much about Tiesi’s life. She also explained to Lazkani that she didn’t have to behave in a certain way, or pretend to be friends with everyone. When Lazkani started to say, “Well, what I would have done…” Tiesi interjected to remind her co-star, “I’m not you.” Being told how to act was the final straw for Tiesi, who said, “I’m sick of this shit. Fuck all this shit. Are you kidding me? I’m done.” Tiesi stood up and left the party, and could be heard saying outside, “She wants to attack me? I’m coming for fucking everybody.”

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During an interview with, Jason Oppenheim discussed the argument that broke out between Lazkani and Tiesi in the finale, saying, “I was at the party, and I experienced it as it was unfolding.” He continued, “I get that we’re filming a show and those things happen, and I’m assuming that stuff probably drives the audience, but obviously I don’t want those things occurring during my opening.”

Jason was also asked whether Tiesi had left the agency. “You’d have to ask her,” he responded, adding that they are still on good terms. For now, it’s unclear whether Tiesi has left The Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset for good. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll just have to wait for season 8 to find out, if the show gets renewed.

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