Jennifer Lopez Shares Why She’s Often Photographed Walking One Step Behind Ben Affleck When Holding Hands 

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By Melissa Romualdi.

Jennifer Lopez revealed the role her and husband Ben Affleck’s height difference plays in their relationship.

During her Friday appearance on “Live with Kelly and Mark”, Lopez shared why she has to “compensate” when it comes to the couple walking hand-in-hand.

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“Ben is 6’3 , 6’4, and I am tiny — I’m smaller. I’m like, 5’6. But we make it work,” she shared, noting that they are “very affectionate” and like to hold hands, despite their different heights.

“He’s taller and his arm’s up, and I walk like a step behind, just to compensate, which I’m fine with,” she said, explaining why she’s usually photographed a step behind her hubby.

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Host Kelly Ripa then teased Lopez for the “good tip” that she and fellow host, husband Mark Consuelos, could “steal” because, they too, “are arm length incompatible,” Ripa revealed on the show back in March. At the time, the couple explained that it’s challenging for them to hold hands because Consuelos’ arms are 4 inches longer than his body while Ripa’s are 4 inches shorter.

Earlier this week, Lopez gushed over Affleck being a “wonderful” father figure to her twins- Max and Emme, 15- whom she shares with ex-husband, Marc Anthony. As for Affleck, Lopez called him a “fantastic” father to his own children- Samuel, 11, Seraphina, 14, and Violet, 17- whom he shares with ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

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