Jerry Lewis Gunathon, Massive Personal Arsenal for Sale


Jerry Lewis Gunathon!! Massive Personal Arsenal for Sale

6/16/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Did you know … Jerry Lewis had enough guns in his private collection to arm an entire militia?!

It’s true … and now his entire arsenal — from pump action shotguns to civil war pistols — are all hitting the auction block. 

73 firearms in total … with some of the weapons starting in the 5-figure range at the Julian’s Auction event in Vegas on June 22. 

Among the highlights … multiple 12 gauge riot shotguns, a Beretta semi automatic pistol, a whole bunch of mini-revolvers, a Glock 17 semi automatic and a Ruger Blackhawk revolver .44 mag. 

Some of the guns were gifts from other celebrities and contain inscriptions on the handle. 

Other guns were personalized with Jerry’s initials. One handgun featured an artistic rendering of Jerry’s signature on the butt. 

Fun Fact: did you know … Jerry was a quick draw artist and was once known as one of the fastest draws in Hollywood. 

He even gave lessons in quick draw back in the day. 

Who knew?!

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