JIM JONES: Leonardo DiCaprio In Final Negotiations To Play Cult Leader


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Leonardo DiCaprio In Final Talks To Play 1970’s Cult Leader

MGM will most likely be teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio for a feature film project called Jim Jones.

MGM has been in “talks” with Leonardo DiCaprio. It seems the acclaimed Oscar-winning actor may just get a chance to play the religious cult leader, Jim Jones, who helped orchestrate the Jonestown mass suicide back in the late 1970’s. Scott Rosenberg has written the screenplay which he plans on also executive producing, according to sources.



This news came as a surprise to many since it is a departure from the more mainstream fare DiCaprio has been accustomed to in his past roles. Jim Jones was a man who can be deemed responsible for the loss of over 900 lives. Jones was a man known for “Christian Socialism.” When Jones deemed himself “God,” tragedy ensued that was ultimately the complete opposite of the utopian like society that Jones frequently talked about. Jones’ followers were on a mission that ended up becoming a horrific scenario as hundreds of children ultimately ended up dead. There were many hundreds more who died as well.

Jim Jones sounds like a prestige movie project from MGM with potential Oscar buzz already generating given its highly delicate subject matter and the presence of DiCaprio who has been nominated for several Academy Awards. Of course, the deal between the studio and the acclaimed actor must officially be sealed for any of this to happen.

Rosenberg is known for a variety of different writing projects, including High Fidelity and the box-office hit, Jumanji: The Next Level.

DiCaprio is known mostly for his role as Jack in 1997’s James Cameron-helmed tentpole film, Titanic, but he is also recognized as a frequent Martin Scorsese collaborator and for his part in the title role of The Great Gatsby. DiCaprio will soon be reteaming with Scorsese in Apple Originals Films’ eagerly awaited Killers of the Flower Moon. DiCaprio won his Oscar for Best Actor for his work in the 2015 Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu masterpiece, The Revenant. Let us not forget the role DiCaprio should have won for: The Wolf of Wall Street.

While the upcoming MGM movie would be a perfect fit for DiCaprio’s diverse talents, it is yet to be seen just how controversial the movie could become given its highly intense subject matter.

But, nevertheless, DiCaprio’s fans are thrilled at the prospect of the actor taking on the role as the aforementioned cult leader in the forthcoming production which will most likely be a big screen release. All eyes will be on DiCaprio to see if her can receive another Academy Award nomination when he officially takes on this project.

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