Johnny Depp’s Legal Team Granted Access To Amber Heard’s Phone Records


By Jamie Samhan.

The legal case between Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard has taken another turn.

Depp and his legal team have been granted access to Heard’s phone records to attempt to back up their claims that Heard “faked” photos of abuse.

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“Ms. Heard’s counsel has repeatedly used these phony photographs at deposition,” Depp’s attorney said in the court filing obtained by The Independent.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star is suing the “Aquaman” actress for defamation over her Washington Post op-ed about domestic abuse, although she never named Depp. She did accuse Depp of domestic violence in 2016 at the time of their split.

The filing says that a 2015 incident between Depp and Heard resulted in the LAPD responding but “they found no injury upon Ms. Heard and no disruption to the penthouses.”

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“Ms. Heard and her friends then fabricated photos that she used to obtain an ex parte TRO [temporary restraining order] and a $7 million divorce settlement,” the filing from Page Six reads.

Heard’s attorney told the outlet she “welcomes the opportunity to present her evidence in a trial by jury, in a court of law.”

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