Jon Cryer Recalls Working With Charlie Sheen During The ‘Internet S**tstorm’


Jon Cryer is looking back at the “internet s**tstorm” Charlie Sheen was going through when they worked on “Two And A Half Men”.

Sheen was fired for his “dangerously self-destructive conduct” and replaced with Ashton Kutcher.

Despite everything Sheen was going through, Cryer only had great things to say about him.

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“Charlie and I really hit it off. We had a great first few years on that show,” Cryer said on PeopleTV’s “Couch Surfing”. “It was incredibly smooth, we had a lovely time, it was working really well.”

According to the “Pretty in Pink” alum, Sheen started using drugs after his marriage to Denise Richards failed. “At first he could handle it, and he was still incredibly professional — and still lovely, by the way, to everybody on set — but you could just see that stuff was wearing on him.”

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He added, “It was one of the first internet s**storms, plus there’s the fact that all of our jobs are tied into this guy, and we’re all his friends. It was very, very strange and [there were] aspects of it that I absolutely hated, but you know, I’m thankful for the years that were great.”

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