Jonathan Majors Jokes That Michael B. Jordan Is ‘A Masochist,’ Shares What His ‘Biggest Insecurity’ Was Going Into ‘Creed III’


By Becca Longmire.

Jonathan Majors reveals what it was like having Michael B. Jordan as a director on “Creed III” in an interview with ET Canada’s Keshia Chanté.

Majors takes on the role of Damian Anderson in the sequel, while Jordan returns as Adonis Creed, as well as taking on his role behind the camera.

Majors shares, “It was great. I mean, he is quite generous, he’s very much a team player. That was the biggest insecurity in my mind, where I was like, ‘Is he going to let me run?’ For real, not only did he let me run, he used to do this,’” before mimicking his facial movements, adding: “Which means like ‘get ’em.’”

The actor goes on, “I’m like, ‘Ok, alright, then I’m coming for you.’

“So, he might be a masochist, you know?” Majors jokes.

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He continues, “He was gassin’ it, I gave him the keys and he was like, ‘Do it, bro.’ That was great.

“That just allowed me to go even further with certain things, especially like the montage stuff.

“That’s where he earned all my respect as a director… I didn’t do anything for play,” insisting it was “all real,” adding that Jordan just pushed him in the best ways to get the best results during some of the scenes.

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Chanté then told Jordan that Majors had called him a “generous director,” questioning what that was like for him as an actor chewing his head off on-screen, but having to encourage it all off-screen.

Jordan shares, “It was fun, he’s such a talented actor.

“For me, all my cast, to be able to kind of uplift them and put them in a position to win… especially if the character calls for it. That’s the fun part, we’re competitive people, but we want the movie, we want the scene to win.”

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