Julia Fox Admits She Cried On 27th Birthday Because Of Getting Older


By Sarah Curran.

Julia Fox is opening up about aging as a woman in Hollywood.

The actress took to TikTok on Saturday to share her thoughts on “anti-aging” products.

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“If I see another product that says anti-aging on the label, I’m suing,” said Fox. “I’m going to sue because I’m going to age regardless of if I put that f***ing $500 serum on my face, and you all f***ing know it!”

After one social media user clapped back writing, “Girl, what are you 30? Please,” Fox responded by explaining how 30 is considered old in the entertainment industry.


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The “Uncut Gems” star said she spent her 27th birthday in tears “because I could no longer say mid-20s; I’d officially be in my late 20s.

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“This is how deep this s**t is for women.”

Fox also recalled how one of her friends who flew in to celebrate with her on her 27th birthday has since passed away.

“She’s not even gonna have the privilege of getting older,” she added. “So we deny ourselves these milestones for what?”

Fox recently appeared at the CFDA Fashion Awards with her roots sprayed gray.

In an interview with Vogue, the 32-year-old said that the fashion statement was a “love letter to getting older.”

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