Justin Timberlake Breaks Topgolf Rules With 'Happy Gilmore' Swing, Gets Funny Warning


Topgolf To Justin Timberlake 'Happy Gilmore' Swings Aren't Chill … Don't Make Us Call Mom

1/13/2019 12:30 AM PST


Justin Timberlake needs to check his “Happy Gilmore” impressions at the door the next time he decides to take some cuts at Topgolf, because the company says they just might tattle on JT if he keeps breaking their rules.

If you’ve ever been to Topgolf — and if you haven’t, get on it STAT — you know they really frown on anyone channeling Adam Sandler‘s famous character in their super fun driving range. But, Justin was a bad boy last weekend and broke their safety code with a textbook windup swing. 

Topgolf tells us they’re quite aware of Justin’s rule-breaking ways, and they’re issuing him a hilarious warning … saying, “we aren’t necessarily mad, we’re just disappointed in him. We’ll try to reach out to his reps, BUT we may just have to call his mom.”

Fact is, the “Happy Gilmore” is a well-known violation — it’s even on the waiver you sign before starting the game — so the company and social media went crazy after Justin posted video from his awesome time at the Topgolf in Charlotte, N.C. during a stop for his Man Of The Woods tour.  

Still, it’s pretty hard to be mad at JT … and if you ask us, he totally nailed Sandler’s famous swing. 

We’re told Justin LOVES Topgolf and frequents their locations across the country, so it’s gonna be interesting to see if he pulls this stunt again. 

In any event, JT might want to hit up Shooter McGavin for a lesson on proper technique.

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