Kaitlyn Was Dismissed for Her Looks on The Bachelor – But She Won’t Let That Bother Her


Kaitlyn was sent home from The Bachelor just short of hometowns, and it didn’t come as much of a surprise to viewers as we hadn’t seen her relationship with Locky develop. She was the only woman in the final five who hadn’t had single date (or two)!

She made an entrance in the photoshoot episode as the first intruder, arriving in a bridal gown for a one-on-one shoot with Locky. They spent time together and seemed to enjoy each other’s company, quickly establishing a flirtation.

Kaitlyn and Locky also shared a quick kiss at a cocktail party, with Kaitlyn trying to find a way to catch Locky’s attention after Charley’s mud bath stunt. The move led to an argument with Roxi — which was about the extent of the drama involving Kaitlyn, who never stooped to commenting on the other woman’s appearance.

During “Love in Lockdown” Kaitlyn’s gardening hobby, which some of the other women were surprised by, thrilled Locky, keeping her in the competition for the group’s return to the mansion, where she was never afraid to ask honest questions of the other contestants.

Kaitlyn spoke to POPSUGAR Australia about her connection with Locky that we didn’t see, and how it felt to be underestimated for the way she looks — by both the Bachelor and the women in the mansion.

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