Katie Price’s ‘unrecognisable’ face leaves fans terrified: ‘What the heck have you done?’


Katie Price shows off nutrition rangeINSTAGRAM / KATIE PRICE

DISTRACTED: Nobody was looking at the protein shake…

The former glamour model took to Instagram to plug her new nutrition range, but it wasn’t her protein shakes that fans were left ogling.

Instead, many drew attention to the 39-year-old’s face, claiming that she had taken her cosmetic procedures beyond the point of recognition.

One shot saw Katie sitting on the sofa in a grey and pink workout kit.

Katie Price plugs nutrition rangeINSTAGRAM / KATIE PRICE

FROZEN: Some speculated that Katie had had a fresh round of Botox

Given that she was adorned with heaps of extensions, fake lashes and a full face of makeup, she didn’t exactly look gym ready – but that wasn’t the bone of contention.

The comments section revealed that instead, the Loose Women panellist’s 1.5 million Instagram followers had grave concerns about her frozen expression.

“Katie leave your face alone, you were looking great. What the heck have you done to yourself?” one asked.

Another added: “What is wrong with your face? Gone too far with the surgery / Botox.”

Katie Price angry commentsINSTAGRAM / KATIE PRICE

BACKLASH: Not all of Katie’s pics were a fan of the look

A third chimed in: “I love you to pieces, but why does your face look odd in this pic? Doesn’t look like you!”

Others claimed that the Loose Women panellist had been heavy-handed with Photoshop.

Then there were those who said that her extreme contouring and fake hair has left her looking “fake”.

Maybe she’s just taken a leaf out of Kylie Jenner’s book, guys.

Katie Price in pink wigINSTAGRAM / KATIE PRICE

AIRBRUSHED?: Many of Katie’s pics look somewhat edited

As ever, Katie opted not to respond to her critics, although there were plenty who did so in her absence.

“If you don’t like her pics, unfollow. It’s as simple as that,” one fumed at the haters.

A second agreed: “Lol these trolls are clearly just jealous because you always look lush.”

It’s not just Katie’s face that has been a topic of debate – yesterday the blonde left fans raging with a .

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