Kelly Brook reveals her boobs got so big she needed a DOCTOR for her bad back



CHANGE: Kelly has lost a stone and feels “amazing” (Pic: Mike Marsland/WireImage)

The actress, model and TV presenter maintained she has always loved her curves.

But she was forced to act when her breasts grew so large they “put pressure” on her frame – forcing her to see a chiropractor.

She started doctoring photos she put online to make herself look slimmer admitting she would take up to 5in off her waist and post others taken when she was 10 years younger.

In denial over her expanding waistline she accused her housekeeper of shrinking her skinny jeans.


LOVE: Kelly and her Italian boyfriend Jeremy Parisi (Pic: Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

At her biggest she struggled to get into size 14 dresses.

When her Italian model and TV star boyfriend Jeremy Parisi, 33, ordered her to stop altering her photos she cut out desserts, sugar and booze and started eating smaller portions.

Now she has lost a stone and feels “amazing”.

She hopes to slim down to a size 10 but does not want to be skinny because she loves her :curves too much”.

The 39-year-old Loose Women star who owns her own London pub, said she lost her shape for the first time last year.

She told Closer magazine: “I gained so much weight I was altering and doctoring my pictures to make myself look slimmer.

“I’ve been taking off 5in from my waist and posting photos of myself from 10 years ago. “Clearly I was craving the body I used to have.

“I lost my shape.

“I couldn’t fit anything over my boobs and my waist nearly disappeared.

“My face was like a balloon. I had no cheekbones and I felt bloated.

“I’ve always had an hourglass shape but that made me lazy.

“Because I’m naturally curvy I’d think I could get away with a few pounds and it wouldn’t show.

“But before you know it you’re at the top end of your BMI.


PLANS: She hopes to slim down to a size 10 (Pic: Ian Lawrence/GC Images)

“My boobs are really big and that put pressure on my frame”

Kelly Brook

“My weight gain was hurting my back.

“My boobs are really big and that put pressure on my frame.

“I ended up at the chiropractor.”

Kelly said skinny jeans she had bought in Los Angeles “felt so tight”.

“I even accused my housekeepers of shrinking them in the dryer,” she said.

“They were too embarrassed to tell me I just couldn’t fit into them.

“I’d try on a size 14 dress and Jeremy would struggle with the zip and say, `Oh my God, will you please just buy a size 16?’

“And I’d refuse.

“Jeremy tells me I look great now but he also told me I had to stop altering my photos.”

Kelly partly blamed her new love for her piling on the pounds because her man “absolutely loves food”.

“I’d be making stews and dumplings and going to the pub,” she said.

“Suddenly I was eating three big meals a day with desserts.

“I was eating heartily and being happy I suppose.

“The only problem was the happier I was, the fatter I was getting.

“I was bursting out of my dresses.”

Though she is happy with her weight loss she does not want to return to the tiny size four she was when she appeared on BBC’s Strictly.


TRANSFORMATION: At her biggest she struggled to get into size 14 dresses (Pic: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

“I was at my lowest,” she said.

“I lost so much weight and my face was drawn in.

“I’d lost my dad and I had to leave Strictly because it was too difficult to carry on.

“Then I’d broken up with my fiancé too.

“I was so sad and the skinniest I’d ever been.

“That doesn’t mean I was healthy though.

“I was a frail wreck.

I love my curves too much to be that skinny again.”

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