Kevin Sorbo Suggests Trump's Mocking Ford Because Some Women are Hypocrites


Kevin Sorbo I Get Trump Mocking Ford … Some Women are #MeToo Hypocrites

10/4/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Kevin Sorbo thinks the #MeToo movement is a double-edged sword — it’s helpful to women but unfair to the accused — and that’s why President Trump went after Dr. Christine Ford so hard during his rally.

We got TV’s Hercules Wednesday at LAX and asked him about Trump mocking Ford, and whether it was appropriate to so publicly pick a side during the FBI probe into her sexual assault claim.

Sorbo sidestepped a direct response, but said it was “sad” and “scary” that anyone can be accused of anything these days and they’re no longer innocent ’til proven guilty. To that point, he said he’s witnessed “hypocritical” women in showbiz who are using the #MeToo movement as a shield to make false allegations.

Kevin admitted many women really have been abused and he found that pathetic, but he wanted there to be a way to support both accusers and the accused.

As for how to accomplish that? He suggested we dig into his old Herc wardrobe.

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