Kristen Stewart ‘Crashed’ Twilight Co-Star Robert Pattinson’s 37th Birthday


In May, Robert Pattinson celebrated his 37th birthday and his ex-girlfriend and film franchise co-star made an unexpected appearance even though she wasn’t on the guest list. Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke revealed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that both she and Kristen Stewart pretty much crashed the event together.

“Strangely enough, I went to Rob’s birthday party recently. I kinda crashed with my friend Toni Collette, who had just done a movie with him,” Hardwicke said. “We had a fun thing, and then Kristen crashed it too. That was just a few months ago, and it was just like, ‘Oh my god!’ We all hugged each other—like, this is so crazy and cool.”

She went on, “When Kristen walked into Rob’s birthday, she’s like, ‘Catherine? Rob’s birthday? What’s going on?’ I go, ‘I kinda crashed it with Toni.’ And she goes, ‘Well, I crashed it too.’”

Hardwicke said that Stewart claimed she just “rang the bell at the gate” to see if if it was “cool” for her to join the party. Pattinson’s answer was “of course.”

Stewart and Pattinson dated over a decade ago while filming their famous vampire-themed series. Pattinson is now in a relationship of five years with girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, with whom he is expecting his first child. Stewart is engaged to screenwriter Dylan Meyer. The former relationship collapsed in 2012, after Stewart was photographed kissing Snow White director Rupert Sanders. It appears that is now all water under the bridge—while she may not receive an invitation, Stewart was welcome at Pattinson’s celebration.

During her interview, Hardwicke reflected on the pair’s “instant” chemistry during auditions.

“I could tell when they were doing the chemistry read, the biology scene, at my kitchen table. I saw the sparks were flying so much,” she said. “It totally makes sense because they’re both, like, so indie—indie music, indie authors, writers, films. They had all that stuff together.”

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