Leo Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF October 11 – 1 7, 2021

All kinds of friendships and relationships are in the spotlight near the end of this week as the articulate Libra Sun gets a supportive beam from supersizer Jupiter, both in your people houses. It’s not like you necessarily struggle to express yourself clearly and cleverly—or dramatically!—but with messenger Mercury retrograde for its final full week, you’ll have to monitor yourself nearly constantly. A good practice to keep you from sticking your ankle bootie in your mouth is to become an even better active listener. But this doesn’t mean you’re required to sit there endlessly as someone drones on and on about a topic you couldn’t care less about. So when the diplomatic Libra Sun in your communication zone aligns with Jupiter in a flowing trine on Friday, October 15, be prepared for TMI coming at you from left, right and center. But don’t totally shut people out. Pay close attention, and if you sense someone has true pearls of wisdom to offer, hang in there and scoop ‘em up!

Single Lions looking for love shouldn’t shy away from soulful conversations, even out of the gate. If someone seems sincere and you’re at least semi-interested, it’s worth testing those waters. (You, on the other hand, don’t have to reveal nearly as much as they do.) And for all you know, a discussion that starts off a little “heated” or awkward could develop into a keeper connection—if you’re willing to sit with a little tension. This might reveal new aspects of you—AND be the start of a seductive challenge that’s worth taking on. (Though you might not know for sure until both Jupiter and Mercury turn direct next Monday, October 18.)

In a relationship? Definitely stay open to bae’s input, even if it’s not light and breezy. Anything that comes from a genuine desire to help could be valuable—for both of you. If you sense a widening gulf between the two of you, request a chat before things spin out of control. Getting real-deal feedback is always preferable to letting your imagination run away with you as you obsess on what it all MIGHT mean. You’re a truthful person by nature, Leo, and this deep conversation could mark the beginning of a new and more intimate chapter of your relationship.

Hidden motives may be revealed this Sunday as shadowy Pluto sends shade to your ruler, the radiant Sun. You might discover that someone you considered an ally is actually out for themselves. That’s a painful discovery, Leo, but better to know who you’re working with than get sucked in deeper. This doesn’t HAVE to be a deal breaker, but you may never trust them fully again. What to do in the meantime? Hold your cards closer to your chest and don’t give away ANY trade secrets. If you’ve gotten pulled into the gossip mill (willingly or otherwise), this Sun-Pluto kerfuffle fires a warning salvo. You can’t take back something that’s already been said—or posted—but you can vow to stop saying things in public that could damage another person’s reputation.

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