Libra Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF October 4 – 1 0, 2021

This week brings exciting opportunities to get your home life back on the even—and harmonious—keel you need to feel grounded. That’s probably NOT been the case for the past five months with intensifying Pluto spinning in reverse in your home and family sector since April 27. There may have been out-and-out animosity, but even simmering intensity could have been enough to unnerve you and make it hard to accomplish much. But that disruptive energy is in the rearview mirror as of Wednesday, October 6, when the mighty dwarf planet resumes forward motion for seven months. Waste no time clearing up any chaos or feuds that turned your peaceful abode into Ground Zero. You may need to be the one to initiate the reconciliations OR to do the forgiveness work that’s standing in the way of domestic bliss. Transformational Pluto’s pivot can shine a light on your desire to renovate or relocate. First make sure you don’t just need a fresh coat of paint. And if you’ve got genuinely itchy feet, slowly start exploring new neighborhoods or possibly cities to move to. Rushing won’t help, but deep self-inquiry will.

Also on Wednesday, the year’s only new moon in your sign is cosmic permission to start something over again—or at least to revisit initiatives that didn’t quite achieve liftoff. You don’t need to wait until January 1 to set intentions or make resolutions. This is your astrological New Year, aka the ideal time for planting seeds, nurturing them and seeing what you can manifest over the coming half-year. But keep the focus on YOU and your personal interests, not what you think you “should” be doing. Over the next two weeks—peak moon-manifesting time—invest in your personal growth and development. Make sure you know where you’d like to be six months from now so you can check back and see how far you’ve come!

On Thursday, radiant Venus (your ruler) waltzes into Sagittarius, lighting up your outgoing third house until November 5. Socializing with your favorite plus-one will strengthen your bond and create new memories that can last a lifetime. Singles who would prefer not to be should go out and mingle purposefully. Since the third house rules casual connections and local community, the path to romance might detour around the dating apps and lead you to some neighborhood hangouts, where you can get to know your friends’ friends. No need to right-swipe until your thumb gets numb. Someone from your own platonic-pal list may confess a long-standing crush—or vice versa.

Helping get that fire started—or keeping it lit—is commitment-minded Saturn, which is ending a frustrating five-month retrograde in your fifth house of passion this Sunday. Once it turns direct, you may instantly feel the blood rushing back into your romantic and creative life. Whether you’re single or spoken for, your libido will be present and accounted for. Singles will have the confidence to take a calculated gamble and get back in the game. Couples should play up the FUN side of the union by doing something sporty (table tennis league, anyone?), or maybe dance lessons are more your speed. Whatever you do, keep it non-competitive enough for it to be thoroughly enjoyable.

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