Lil Wayne Says Kobe Bryant Is Better Than Michael Jordan


Lil Wayne Kobe Is Better Than Michael Jordan

12/17/2018 4:09 PM PST

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Lil Wayne says there is a basketball player better than Michael Jordan … but it ain’t LeBron James.

“These days they think the tough question is Jordan or LeBron. No. Jordan or Kobe is the tough question … but it’s Kobe.”

The rapper made the shocking revelation in a video released Monday … saying even though it physically pained him to make the declaration — he says the Mamba was just that good.

“God, forgive me. Jordan, forgive me. But, it’s Kobe.”

Soo … does Wayne have a legit argument??

Kobe does have one more All-Star appearance than Jordan … but M.J. has more rings, more MVPs, more career points, more career rebounds AND less career turnovers.

Yeah … sorry, Mamba — doesn’t seem Lil Wayne stands a chance of being right here.

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