Lily Allen reveals family member's horror moment with Harvey Weinstein


Harvey Weinstein is recognised as one of the biggest producers in the world, only last year, allegations came forward that the Hollywood name had raped or sexually assaulted more than 50 women.

Cara Delevingne and Angelina Jolie are two of the many women that have spoke out against him, detailing their horrifying or uncomfortable experiences.

Now, pop singer Lily Allen has opened up about her family member’s experience over 30 years ago.

Lily knew Weinstein from a young age, due to her family connections in the film industry, the singer admitted that she thought he was a bit of an ‘odd character’.


YOUNG LIFE: Lily admits she has known Weinstein since she was a baby

“I always thought he was a bit of an odd character but I definitely didn’t think that what was allegedly going on was going on.”

Lily Allen

In an interview with Andrew Denton, Lily appeared on the show Interview to talk about the experience.

Revisiting a time from her family member’s younger years, Lily revealed: “I’ve known Harvey since I was a baby. I never suspected anything about him.

“I mean I always thought he was a bit of an odd character but I definitely didn’t think that what was allegedly going on was going on.”


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She continued: “My family member worked quite closely with Harvey you know they’ve done several films with him.

“They were doing one film and they were looking at working with a particular director, Jane Campion. She’d just done a film with Meg Ryan called In The Cut and it was the first time Meg had ever done nudity.

“It was just them [family member] and Harvey in a screening room, and just where Meg Ryan was getting her clothes off they heard this grunting noise from behind them.”


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Lily asserted: “It was Harvey pleasuring himself, in a dark room, with the family member sitting in front of him.

“She kept working with him. I guess that goes to show how powerful he was, that they didn’t feel like they could say anything.”


FAMILY TROUBLE: Lily revealed the horrifying moment that Harvey had in front of a family member

Speaking to, a spokesperson for Weinstein said: “To Ms. Allen’s story, facts must matter when it comes to allegations as serious as these, and when a story contains a blaring falsehood, the entire account must be questioned.

“Here, it is both untrue and defamatory.”

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