Livin Joy’s Tameko Star – New Music, Career And Life

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Credit: Tameko Star

Known for penning some of the biggest hits of 90s dance, Tameko Star is the current lead singer of Livin’ Joy, and she is back!

From ‘Don’t Stop Movin’, ‘Where Can I Find Love’, to ‘Follow The Rules, if you were around in the 90s – you will have definitely bopped to these on a dance floor near you!

CelebMix sat down with Tameko to chat all things life, her career and new music!

What was life like for you growing up and then becoming famous?

Growing up, my life was always full of music and entertainment. I knew exactly what I wanted to do by the age of 5. I was always performing whether it was for my dolls, my family or the neighborhood. I grew up mostly in Europe and I got my first record deal under my own name, Tameka Starr (now Tameko Star). When I became the front woman for Livin’ Joy, I felt like it was a great opportunity to continue to do what I love.  I always knew I would make some noise out there. For me it was never a matter of “IF”, It was a matter of “When”. Fans loving and appreciating my music is like a dream come true!

What was it like writing those incredible songs on the Livin’ Joy album?

Listen, I can’t take the credit! It was the God in me!  Each song just flowed… especially “Don’t Stop Movin’”.  When I put my pen down, I just knew that song was going to be a hit. I felt like those lyrics were something people needed to hear.  

Credit: Tameko Star (@Tamekostar)

What have you been up to since ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ was released?

Since, Don’t Stop Movin’”,  I have relocated to America and opened my own successful talent development and production company called Star House Entertainers. I wanted to give back to young people to help them fulfill their dreams. I’ve also written, directed and produced an award-winning musical called Superstar Dreamz. We are now creating the TV/film version.

Now, we are certain you have been an inspiration to Livin’ Joy fans around the world, but who inspires you?

I am inspired by all the greats of course, MJ, Beyoncé, Oprah, basically anyone who is out here living their dreams or working on their dreams, letting nothing stand in their way.

What are you plans for this year, can we expect new music?

Oh absolutely! I am working on a fire EP as we speak! Coming out in my own name, Tameko Star.

Talking of new music, will you be performing this year?

YES! I can’t wait!! Singing, performing… that’s me.. I am so happy to say that the fans (Livin’ Loyals) will finally see the real deal again!  My sis, Janice Robinson and I hope to hit the stage together this year. When we perform our hits.. Don’t Stop Movin’ and Dreamer, It’s going to be epic!!

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