Love Island Jack reveals why he nearly QUIT show: 'I thought, I can't do this'


‘s Kate Garraway and Ranvir Singh spoke to winner Jack Fincham about his time on the show and his relationship with Dani Dyer.

But while viewers found Jack hilarious as he spoke about his other half, others were not impressed with Kate and Ranvir as they jibed him about his teeth and weight a number of times.

As they returned from a break and Kate missed her cue, she said: “Sorry, I was expecting music, or sunshine. Well we have got the sunshine from Jack’s teeth,” as Jack looked unimpressed.

Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain ITV

OFF-GUARD: Kate panicked when she missed her presenting cue

Jack Fincham on Good Morning Britain ITV

UNIMPRESSED?: Jack didn’t look very happy at another jibe

Earlier in the show, the pair laughed at Jack’s teeth as he and Iain Lee pretended to eat steak and salad as part of a meat-eating debate, as Kate said: “Jack, show us your teeth, I feel like we need a dream sequence or a green screen for them.”

The pair then asked Jack about his weight, asking if he didn’t feel very confident when he entered the show because he was “the only one without a six pack”, and Jack admitted he almost decided not to go on the show because he was worried about what his competitors would look like.

Ranvir asked: “Is there a place for you in the villa if you don’t look 100% gorgeous all of the time?” as Jack responded that everyone has something beautiful about them.

Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain ITV

AWKWARD: Kate made a number of gags about Jack’s teeth

Kate then quizzed Jack on whether he would be getting plastic surgery other than his teeth, and Jack said: “No, I think I will just be sticking with the teeth, I’m done there.”

Viewers took to social media during the chat to scold Kate and Ranvir for joking about Jack’s teeth, adding that they felt sorry for the reality star.

One posted: “It is insulting for Kate and Ranvir to comment about Jack’s weight and teeth in the same interview to imply he isn’t good looking enough for the show.”

Jack Fincham on Good Morning Britain ITV

QUIZZED: Jack was also asked if he felt self-conscious on the show because of his weight

Another added: “Jack looks like he is getting a bit annoyed about the teeth comments.”

A third wrote: “For goodness sake please stop Kate Garraway mentioning Jack Fincham’s teeth!”

A fourth chipped in: “OMG calm down with the teeth comments. Bet Jack feels like telling you where to go.”

GMB continues tomorrow at 6am on ITV.

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