Madelyn Cline Wore This $14 TikTok-Viral Product to the Critics Choice Awards


If you tuned in to the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday (or maybe you didn’t watch the show but scrolled through our roundup of the most exciting red carpet looks), you saw Madelyn Cline. The star of Outer Banks and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery walked the red carpet wearing a feathered Givenchy gown and a glowing makeup look reminiscent of Old Hollywood and Sophia Loren.  As it turns out, that sultry, glowing makeup look was created using products from an iconic drugstore brand. In fact, all of the products her makeup artist, Jen Tioseco, used to create the look were $15 and under (yes, really). It’s further proof that the cost of a product doesn’t determine its efficacy. “For Madelyn’s look, as soon as we saw the feathered Givenchy gown, we knew we wanted to play into Old Hollywood glamour,” Tioseco said. “We didn’t want to overpower the gown with overly bold glam, so we focused on bronzed, glowy skin with her signature liner and pouty lips. It was the perfect balance to let both the dress and her glam have their own moments while complementing each other perfectly.”  Keep scrolling to get all the details and shop the products that created this red carpet look. 

Every single product Tioseco used was from E.l.f. Cosmetics—the famously affordable (and effective) drugstore brand. To start, she primed and prepped Cline’s skin with the Daily Hydration Moisturizer ($8) and the new Power Grip Primer + 4% Niacinamide ($10). From there, she applied this color corrector to specific areas of Cline’s face.  While this color corrector might look a little intimidating with its azure color, it effectively offsets orange and yellow tones in the skin.

Here’s the star product (at least in our opinion). It’s the one that went viral on TikTok and consequently has been sold out for some time. Luckily, though, it’s finally back in stock. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time until it sells out again, so act fast.  It’s a multipurpose skincare-makeup hybrid that instantly boosts glow and creates a pretty, soft-focus effect on the skin. You can wear it alone for sheer coverage, under foundation as a luminous base, or as a traditional highlighter to reflect light from the high points of your face. 

Instead of foundation, Tioseco used this concealer, blending it in with a soft, fluffy brush. This product is formulated with hydrating ingredients, which means its full-coverage effect isn’t compromised by creases. 

To finish off Cline’s complexion, Tioseco applied this bronzer for a bit of warmth and a hint of shimmer. This is a new product from the brand. It has a unique putty texture and promises to be lightweight, non-greasy, and highly pigmented. We like the fact that it’s infused with argan oil and vitamin E for soft, smooth skin.  The final step was to mist the brand’s Stay All Day Blue Light Micro Setting Mist ($10) over Cline’s skin. This is a blue light–absorbing spray that sets makeup in place. 

When it was time to create Cline’s sultry and smoky eye look, Tioseco started by mixing two eye shadows. The first was this rich, chocolate brown. 

The second was the rosy shades from this mini palette. Together, these shades and the aforementioned chocolate brown color created that smoky, Old Hollywood look. 

Next, it was time for that sultry winged liner. For that, Tioseco used this budget-friendly eyeliner pen. It’s waterproof and has a felt tip for precise, detailed strokes. 

For those dense, defined lashes, Tioseco used this new curling mascara. It’s already sold out in black, but you can still snag it in brown. It just goes to show how popular these products are.

The final step was to perfect Cline’s brows. For that, Tioseco used yet another TikTok-famous product: the Brow Lift. It creates a fluffy, feathered look that’s similar to the one you get from using the soap brow technique. It also offers an “extreme hold,” so your brow hairs won’t budge throughout the day. 

To start, Tioseco prepped Cline’s lips with this lip mask. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, squalane, and castor seed oil for optimal hydration. Use it as you would a traditional lip balm or wear it overnight for plumper, smoother lips come morning. 

The final product Tioseco used, and the pièce de résistance, was this light-pink lipstick, which they chose to fit the balletcore trend that’s currently sweeping social media. It was the perfect complement to Cline’s eye makeup and Givenchy gown. 

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