Manchurian’s are clearly better than everyone else in UK or so you would think!


The mayor of Manchester must think the rest of the UK are idiots.. Andy Burnham is playing 1960’s / 70’s politics for his own gain – may be he thinks he is the next leader of the Labour Party.

Why does Manchester think it deserves more money than the rest of the UK? Are people in Chester, Norwich, York or anywhere for that matter not entitled to more?

What about the self-employed who can not find work and are having to sell their homes to survive.

In this difficult time, why is no country seeking damages from China to fund everyone’s personal challenges.

China has got away of this! The lack of controls in China that allow so many different animals to be held in tiny cages before being cooked and eaten. This global pandemic is China’s mess and they should be paying for it.

The time now is not for party politics – the time is for focus and action ensure we keep the number of deaths to a minimum.

The advent of an vaccine is still not likely for 12 to 18 months therefore no is a very important time to ensure the right controls are in place where they are required.

The UK government could do more for people financially. Why not offer everyone in the UK who wants it a £50k loan at 1% payable back over 20 years or similar tiered options ? Repayment of this could be waived when China pays fines for health regime neglect impacting the world.

We need the leaders of the world to seek financial penalties from China – growth this week reported in China at 6.5% so nothing limited economic impact there! Governments around the world should be holding China to account although we see none of this happening?

The rest of the world except China are left to themselves to fund significant population’s needs to help them stand still during this difficult time.

The time is now for China to be held to account!

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