‘Married at First Sight’: 5 Key Moments From ‘Nice to Marry You’ (RECAP)


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 3, “Nice to Marry You.”]

Married at First Sight‘s Season 12 couples continue to say “I do” in the latest installment, “Nice to Marry You.”

Three couples made the big leap last week; this week, the final two are up  to take their vows. Below, we break down the latest weddings, including all of the reception drama — so beware of spoilers ahead.

Paige & Chris

Married at First Sight Season 12 Paige Chris


Nerves abound for Paige and Chris before they walk down the aisle. She partakes in some spiritual praying pre-ceremony — while he hopes, we learn, that his wife is attractive.

Things get quickly awkward afterward, during the reading of their families’ messages, one of which reveals Chris’s desire for a honeymoon baby… yikes. Things go from bad to worse when, post- wedding Paige thanks Chris for the infinity pendant necklace he gifted her, comparing it to her tattoo, and he shows off his own ink — which he admits was a recent attempt to cover an ex’s name.

The ex talk continues when Paige brings up her dog, and he notes that his ex also had a dog. And he doesn’t stop there, telling his bride that he was recently engaged to another woman. Let’s just say the vibe right about now is not a very good one.

Haley & Jacob

Married at First Sight Season 12 Haley Jacob


This duo is also nervous as they prepare for their wedding, with Jacob hoping his future spouse likes dogs because he has his own. Meanwhile, Haley takes a pre-walking-down-the-aisle swig from her father’s flask to steady her nerves.

Meeting at the altar, Jacob is reassured when Haley’s dog is mentioned by the officiator, but he still can’t keep the nerves at bay and loses his place a couple of times while he reads his vows.

They seem in shock after saying “I do,” and try to get to know each other over champagne. Haley learns Jacob’s primary source of sustenance is steak and eggs. Still, she seems encouraged by the fact that he’s open to being adventurous.

Picture Time

MAFS Season 12 Paige Chris


During the photography sessions, the newlyweds are put to the test as they try to look comfortable with one another. Paige admits to the camera that she’s nervous about the chemistry with Chris, feeling as though they’re not connected. In a wholly different vibe, Jacob is willing to be interrogated by his wife’s bridesmaids.

Reception Reveals

Married at First Sight Season 12 Vincent


When first dances are out of the way, it’s time for everyone to learn a lot more about each other. Haley, who has spent a bunch of Thanksgivings outside of the country, is surprised to learn that Jacob has only traveled within the U.S.

Chris isn’t shy about asking Paige some personal questions while sitting at the dinner table, inquiring if she’s still a virgin and if she’s on contraceptives. To make matters worse, Chris’s dad gives a speech really putting the pressure on Paige to give him grandchildren.

Bouquets are thrown, garters are gathered, and parents meet their children’s new spouses. Briana’s dad gives Vincent his blessing, offering his ear to the new groom anytime he needs (cue the awwws).

Paige, in the meantime, gets advice from his parents, and here come more red flags: Chris’s mom advises against rushing into having kids, while his dad says she should be intimate with her husband as often as possible. (Our ears.)

Chris continues to be a bit of a nightmare, telling Paige’s bridesmaids that she isn’t a trophy wife; we then learn in a testimonial clip that he’s not attracted to his bride, which, well, we could have surmised. Before departing for the night, Paige’s friends warn her about Chris, raising their own suspicions about his past, but will she heed the warning?

As for the other weddings, Briana’s bridesmaids ask Vincent about his stance on wedding sex and he reveals he’s not in a rush; Ryan won’t give Clara’s bridesmaids an answer on the subject; and Chris is undecided.

First Night

Married at First Sight Season 12 Clara


It’s time for everyone’s first nights together.

Ryan grows tired waiting for Clara to undo her hairdo, Briana rejoices in Vincent’s warmth, and Chris begins to warm up to Paige more. Meanwhile, Haley and Jacob are sleepy heads too tired to continue conversation, and Virginia gets snuggly with new hubby Erik as the lights go out.

Who will show promise and who will show cracks? Tune in next week to find out.

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